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  1. clairebeautiful

    I Think They Are Missing The Point

    I'm not sure you can accurately speak to the complaints against Obamacare unless you've experienced all sides of it. The original goal and the original vision of Obamacare was a beautiful thing. The execution of it has been less than stellar. I don't have a solution. But to basically label...
  2. clairebeautiful

    Tips for feeling more energised

    For me it starts with sleep and diet, of course. I also need to take a regular multi-vitamin. I notice a huge difference when I don't. Otherwise, I have to say the next thing that promotes energy is a consistent schedule. Think about how babies and kids function best... within a very specific...
  3. clairebeautiful

    How do you know when it's enough to stop?

    I think there is a difference between striving to achieve success (and constantly growing) and becoming obsessive - about anything. That's like saying, how much is too much when it comes to weight loss? I think we all have seen the answer to that question. The line isn't tangible. It is an...
  4. clairebeautiful

    How far can a person's character carry him/her?

    Your original question didn't make me think of what you wrote in your post. I immediately thought about how character affects reputation. For some people, "changing" their outlook isn't necessary. They already have and are living as the person they want to be, and that person is the version of...
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    I'm a big reader. I belong to a book club that meets regularly every 5 weeks, so that keeps me reading. I also have elementary school kids and I rather wish to encourage this new skill they are learning. But I've always been a big reader. There was a two or three year stretch there where I...
  6. clairebeautiful

    Crazy Da Vinci Naps, Is It Real?

    I've never done a 20 minute nap (except in college when I was into the tanning bed, and I napped in there). Right now I'm 32 years old. I have 3 kids and 1 on the way. I get 8+ hours of sleep and I take a nap almost every day. A 1.5 to 2 hour nap. I don't know. I have time for it. My body...
  7. clairebeautiful

    What do you think makes for a good relationship in a marriage?

    I agree with "marry your best friend." Ultimately, sex, romance, excitement, looks, etc. fade. It turns out, if you can't be roommates, you can't probably stay married. For me, the main thing was that our ultimate values had to line up. This means (I know I know) our political and religious...
  8. clairebeautiful

    Streamlining my free day

    I'm not sure how old you are, but it sounds to me like your priorities for your free day aren't terribly pressing. Here's my thing. If you can make it through the week without getting these things done on Sunday, then who cares? Just be lazy without the guilt. It was hard for me to go from...
  9. clairebeautiful

    Being completely honest is hard... but more than worth it

    I think it is a personality thing. I was born with a perpetual bent toward speaking my mind all the time. Honesty has always come painfully easy to me. And because it has always been my habit, I've become pretty good at apologizing for my mouth. I've found in my marriage, it has been one the...
  10. clairebeautiful

    Do you exercise daily?

    I don't have a scheduled work out every single day, but like many others, activity is simply part of my routine. I'm very rarely OFF my feet, actually. I also get terribly bored just "working out" and unless I have a friend to hang out with, a good book to read, or I'm simply feeling really good...
  11. clairebeautiful

    It's Never Too Early

    If this was true, than how do you explain over 50% of Hollywood? The "rags to riches" stories are not the norm, nor are they the majority. I'd actually venture to say that while it depends on your definition of "success" - most rich people did, in fact, start out privileged.
  12. clairebeautiful

    How do you deal with an awful boss?

    I agree with the idea that doing your job well is the best way to keep an awful boss off your back. I've had a few awful bosses though. And some find ways to make life miserable despite how good at the job I may have been. Petty-ness seems to be a trend for the "awful boss" profile, does it...
  13. clairebeautiful

    Do You Believe in God?

    I pretty much believe in the God of the Hebrews, who is also the God of Christians. I believe he is the only one. I believe he created everything. I believe he is all powerful. And I believe he desires to have a personal relationship with his creation. Plenty of people argue with the "If...
  14. clairebeautiful


    I don't do self-affirmations, but I try to practice affirmation of others, regularly. Somehow, it always seems to come back to me. And affirmations from others does work. I always know when I haven't had any in a while. It is the times when I am the most insecure, or I second guess my decisions.
  15. clairebeautiful

    What's the hardest part of being a parent?

    I have three kids under age 7. The hardest part for me is truly maintaining the daily mental and emotional fortitude required to raise little kids (and babies) into independent and responsible thinkers. It is tiresome. And it gets easier by the day, so when I read about the "Dreaded teenage...
  16. clairebeautiful

    sister problem

    I tend to agree with this. However. We get to choose our friends. We do not get to choose our family. I feel bad for you, but you are in your 30s. At some point, this is no longer your parents' problem. I think you have to start by re-opening communication. I'm not sure at this point...
  17. clairebeautiful

    Eating Versus Exercise

    I get what you are saying, and though I agree that both would be good to do at the same time, I'm going to entertain the idea that you can only tackle one at a time. Tackle food. Adding exercise into your life is an added commitment that you aren't currently making time for. But I assume you...
  18. clairebeautiful

    Why do I hate being a girl?

    I have been more or less the same way most of my life. Definitely felt exactly this way when I was 23. I'll tell you now, that at the time, it really was more of the other girls personalities. I am and always have been very intellectual and self confident. I was mostly annoyed by girls who...