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    How to sleep less and work more?

    Spend much of the time you spend using your computer at night standing up to help prevent yourself from falling asleep.
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    What can I do now?

    Develop the drive to do something fun and meaningful and take up hobbies which interest you.
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    What is the best way to increase passive income?

    From what I've heard, you can buy annuities to bring in passive income to sustain you through retirement.
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    What would you do if you were me?

    Discover what's undesirable about you then change it.
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    I don't see the point in working hard at my day job

    Always work hard at your job. Yet, you should look for another job at a reputable company which values and rewards its staff.
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    Tips from other bloggers

    Although I have earned a little money from blogging and expect to begin making more, I mainly blog to help others improve their lives. While you're waiting to reap significant traffic and a correlated increase in blogging income, you can steadily earn money on the side from writing books; in...
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    Question about laziness and need feedback on my current mindset

    I agree with your plan to only put your all into the important issues. As for feeling heavy from a lack of energy and in general, you may need more sleep, nutrition and exercise.
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    When your ideas are not encouraged, what to do?

    It sounds like these people aren't true friends. If you think your ideas are worthwhile, don't let others' negative reaction to them stop you from carrying them out.
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    How can i slow my speaking and also how can i remove the awful mistakes i do while speaking?

    Take your time when speaking and focus on having conversations on topics you're familiar and comfortable with. Listen to the other person and don't sweat it.
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    How to solve these challenges?

    You make good points but someone who is programmed to think money doesn't buy happiness and has negative thoughts about the rich likely won't play the lottery and win a lot of money to put himself/herself in the situation of blowing that windfall.
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    How can I develop my own willpower?

    Be tenacious enough to stick with what you take up. It will allow you to succeed and feel better about yourself. As for the exercises you should do, I don't know.
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    How to solve these challenges?

    To progress, you must eliminate your fear of failure and not worry about having an explanation to everything you learn.
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    These 3 Things Determine Whether You Will Or Will NOT Succeed In Life

    Great tips. As for Facebook, I use it once a day for a short amount of time and don't let it run my day.
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    I'm curious - How do you overcome the fear of something new in your career or business?

    Be confident, step out of your comfort zone and take necessary risks to overcome your business fear.
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    What is one of the biggest lessons you've learned in your life ?

    Some of the biggest lessons I've learned in my life include accepting as many temp assignments as you can and to never assume you don't have to learn something about a company prior to an interview just because of the industry it's in. All this helped me launch my job hunting blog, my most...
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    What do you think about when you first wake up???

    I think about some of the tasks I'll do for the day; it's a brief reiteration.
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    Help with work

    Although you may not want to become too chummy with co-workers, socialization at work is a good thing as long as it doesn't interfere with your work. Don't be afraid to chat freely on your lunch break.
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    Hi All. Im Elissiana and I feel strange being in a self development forum

    I believe you're right. You'll learn so much here.
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    If you could add just one hour....

    I would read more books and magazines plus go through my crossword books more speedily.
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    Speech anxiety

    I suggest taking a deep breath before getting to the podium then think of the audience as your friends who want you to succeed.