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  1. Milton

    How do you deal with an unethical person?

    It's important to be ethical, but sometimes survival is much more important than having ethics. I'd find out why he was doing such things, and try to persuade him to do the right thing. Otherwise I'll just have to live with it because I don't really want a hostile working environment or a messed...
  2. Milton

    How to Handle Anger

    I don't show people that I'm angry. If I think I may get out of control in a conversation that is heated, I count in my head and I make up an excuse to leave the scene. I find that if you flare up, people lose respect for you because you look like a fool.
  3. Milton

    High-fibre diet

    I see. I must've overlooked the part on constipation since I've also heard similar comments regarding a high-fiber diet. You need to drink a lot of water since most plant fiber are cellulose and cannot be digested, so they are passed out.
  4. Milton

    How to Develop Self-Esteem

    I think having a high self-esteem requires you to be less conscious of all the flaws that you may have. Instead you should appreciate them as your unique traits. I think that may be able to help you get rid of low self-esteem. Most people focus on their flaws like "Oh, I'm fat", and with that...
  5. Milton

    The Point of Life

    So, what you're saying is that we ought to keep improving ourselves so that we will be much better than we have been? I agree. It's the process of seeking more and more improvements that keep life ever exciting.
  6. Milton

    Do you read labels?

    In my country, there are Nutritional Facts on most food packaging and I read those before I buy food. Generally, they list the amount of calories (energy), carbohydrates, protein, fats (saturated and unsaturated), sodium and stuff like those so you get to know how much you take in each meal. I...
  7. Milton

    If you're going to live your life all over again

    I think I would've been more open as a child, and I'll take better care of my body in terms of health and hygiene so that I would not have problems with so much acne when I was in my teens.
  8. Milton

    Does age matter?

    Yeah it's true, people get lonely and want a partner, especially when they get older. As long as the couple feels that it's alright for them to have a 20 year age gap, and can cope with all the societal pressures as well as family pressure, then I think it is their choice regarding whom and when...
  9. Milton

    Water is important to us!

    Yeah that's true. It's a great thing that where I live, tap water is potable and you can drink straight from the tap. There's also plenty of "water-purifying" machines from companies like Diamond. Did you buy your own filter or was it like from a machine?
  10. Milton

    Nature is healing

    Nature provides serenity and a lot of fresh oxygen. With a quiet mind and a lot of oxygen supplied I think one can think much better. It also soothes and soul and helps you to cool down and forget all the frustration and stress that you may have face. So I guess yes, nature can heal.
  11. Milton

    How to Handle Loneliness

    That actually triggered a real laughter from me. I don't think it really helps cope with loneliness though, I think it's more of an escapist method, trying to hide from it instead of dealing with it. That's just what I think.
  12. Milton

    Saying "I Love You"

    Really? So you would expect your boyfriend to say that to you regularly? I'll take note of that. I don't usually talk to my girlfriend in that manner because I find that I only say it when I really mean it. (not that I don't love her, but saying it too often diminishes its value in my opinion)
  13. Milton

    In Love With A Wrong Person

    That's not always true. Self-less love is still a value that we should applaud. If we are in a relationship and we put ourselves before our partner, I find that it is difficult to maintain this relationship and there is always selfish interest involved. This being said however, we should...
  14. Milton

    High-fibre diet

    Eating wholemeal bread instead of white bread can actually help digestion since wholemeal bread are relatively higher in fiber. I've done some research and I've found some websites that talk about the benefits of wholemeal bread. Personally, I eat a lot of bread for breakfast and by doing a...
  15. Milton

    How to rid off shyness

    I don't think shyness is a problem really. Personally I'm an introvert so I do not like to converse with others face-to-face as well, but I find that I have a couple good friends who are always there for me and that is enough. It is important that you do what you want to do and need to do, there...
  16. Milton

    Saying "I Love You"

    I know of someone whose girlfriend demands that he either sends a text saying "I love you" or calls her saying that everyday in the morning. I'm not sure how that would strengthen the relationship, but I honestly doubt that saying "I love you" without meaning it actually makes the other party...
  17. Milton

    The Point of Life

    That's a good point that I had missed out. Life is extremely short, but if we actually make a difference to others' lives, we could create a ripple effect that would continue to benefit our society even after we had passed on. Several Foundations that have been set up in my country are testament...
  18. Milton

    In Love With A Wrong Person

    I think this happened because some people are blinded by love. They think that by showering their partners with love and care, they could change their violent behaviour - but this is not always the case. A leopard never changes its spots and similarly, human nature and innate characteristics...
  19. Milton

    In Love With A Wrong Person

    Yeah it's true that sometimes some relationships simply don't work out, but I think it's extremely hard to let go of something which you had initially thought would be the perfect relationship. Furthermore, you are emotionally bound to your partner during the time you've spent with them, and to...
  20. Milton

    Pet-Owner Relationships

    Here's a picture of my friend's cat. While it's kind of fat and lazy, I think they do enjoy each other's company. The cat will type gibberish with its paw when my friend (Mistic) is using the computer :P