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  1. zararina

    Business Experiences

    We can share some experiences here about our business venture whether it was successful or not. Also we could share reasons of those outputs we had in the past or in the future. I used to have a small retail store just for the benefit of trying to have my first try of small business. It was...
  2. zararina

    Hanging out with friends

    Do you enjoy hanging out with friends? How often you hang out with them? I do enjoy hanging out with my old friends specially when we are just hanging out in a friend's house. We would have sing along sessions and we would cook some foods. we would also have good and happy conversations. We...
  3. zararina

    For Healthier Heart

    We had read several articles about how to have a healthy heart. It tells us avoid stress/fatigue, be happy of as much as we could and live healthy/have a healthy lifestyle. I had read this article and I thought it is worth sharing.
  4. zararina

    Parenting: Can be best learned at home

    I think parenting can be best learned at home. Parents should be a role model for their children how to be a responsible parent. I could not remember having any parenting subjects when I was still studying, we just discussed on a certain subject how important is family in our lives and how...
  5. zararina

    Do you still have time to exercise?

    Our lives nowadays gets so busy because of different activities we need to accomplish in a day. There are some that are busy doing their jobs or works while others are too busy taking care of their family and their businesses. Although we get to busy, those activities may not be enough to...
  6. zararina

    Walking in the Park or Strolling at Malls?

    I could say that I enjoy walking in the park even I am alone. I like nature sight seeing and parks have good natural reserved on certain corner/part of it. And it is much enjoyable when done with the family and friends since we could have picnic, do biking and play sports like volleyball. I...
  7. zararina

    Benefits of Team Building

    It is usually an activity organized by certain companies for their employers. The goal of this activity is to develop camaraderie and improve work relationships not only between ordinary employers but between all levels in the company including the managerial positions. I had experienced some...
  8. zararina

    How do you handle arguments with friends?

    Friendship like any other relationship is not perfect. There are times that there are arguments happening within the circle of friends that you. There are also some friends would make the arguments worst instead of helping the two to fixed their problems to each other. Have you ever have...
  9. zararina

    How would you define success?

    There is no doubt that we all have different views in life. We also differs on how we conceived or see things and how we react on them. Success also has different definition. A dictionary ma define it as reaching your goals and meeting the requirement of what should be done. It was nice to read...
  10. zararina

    How could you move on from the hurt in the past?

    It is always said that regret is always in the end. And therefore it is too late for us to changed what is done and erased what have been said. Usually, this regretful things that had happened in our life is so hurtful that sometimes we think it is the end of the world for us and we can not...