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  1. vest007

    Homeschooling or Private / Public schooling - Which one is good for children?

    Right now, homeschooling is getting more and more popular in the US, EU and even in Russia. One of the concerns parents are having is about the quality of the teachers and that of the syllabus. Also, there is a chance that your children might pickup bad habits from their classmates. On the other...
  2. vest007

    Milk - the complete food?

    Milk contains almost all the essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which our body need (in varying quantities). So it is called a complete food. How much milk do you drink regularly? How much should we take? How much amount is too large for our body? Unfortunately I have certain...
  3. vest007

    What is the Ideal number of children for a family?

    So , what is your opinion? What should be the ideal number of children a couple should be having? According to Chinese officials, it should be 1. According to the Australian health minister, it should be 3. Some people prefer to stay childless. Some others bring up up to 18 children. What are...