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  1. Benjamin Bogle

    You Have to Give Up to Achieve More

    How much of your “work” is actually moving you forward? Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash In an age where entrepreneurship and personal development are sexy, the mindset of today’s culture is to add, add, add. More meetings, more emails, more conferences, more projects. More, more, more. When...
  2. Benjamin Bogle

    The Art of setting GOALS and executing them

    I based my system off of Project Life Mastery. This is the video that inspired me, it's a long one. Basically, I write out my vision, purpose, and goals based on what Stefan James says are the seven areas of life: Physical Body Mind + Emotions Relationships Career / Business Finances Social...
  3. Benjamin Bogle


    Thanks for sharing this list. As a prospective reader in some personal development books, I found this list helpful. It's encouraging to see Think and Grow Rich on this list since I've been considering purchasing it for a while now.