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  1. gowriter

    How Much Does Pride Affect Your Decision Making?

    Have you ever been too proud to even ask your best friend or family for money to pay the bills?
  2. gowriter

    Fakes smiles in salespeople

    It's hard to smile when you're having a bad day, but I prefer to see one than a grumpy, disinterested look.
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    Are You Content With What You Have Or Do You Desire More?

    Life and love are never cheesy. LOL.
  4. gowriter

    What would you do if you reached a job plateau and could not advance?

    Long ago, yes, I'd be terribly upset about not advancing. These days status doesn't matter as much to me as reliability and effectiveness. However, I understand there's a purpose for structure and management. It should never be abused.
  5. gowriter

    Are You Content With What You Have Or Do You Desire More?

    You both bring up some very good points, especially when it comes to human nature. As humans, we do need things in our daily lives. As time changes, social position changes, our needs change, too. Human nature seems to be insatiable, but I do think there is merit in being content, especially...
  6. gowriter

    Are You Content With What You Have Or Do You Desire More?

    I wouldn't mind a little extra cash in the bank to pay off debt or maybe a new Macbook Air. For the most part...I guess I'm relatively content with what I have. Thoughts?
  7. gowriter

    What are the Pros and Cons of using the Credit Card

    I don't see a problem with it if you're using it to get a return on investment. For example: advertising. Advertising can lead to profitability later on. However, you always have to be careful with credit and recurring purchases. So it's always a good idea to pay in full.
  8. gowriter

    Selling Digital Information Online

    I've earned a little bit off of Clickbank, but, for me, selling info products is tougher than selling tangible products. It's especially difficult when you're promoting a biz opportunity. It's a little easier to make money promoting CPA offers. To me, anyway.
  9. gowriter

    Half-Empty or Half-Full?

    I guess I would be half-full. Trials and tribulations are part of life and help you grow. They're not always pleasant, but they do help you mature in life.
  10. gowriter

    How Do You Deal With Obnoxious People?

    Yes, it's quite hard. The best you can do is to try to turn a negative situation into a positive one. We live in an era where it's much easier to speak your mind, and everyone has an opinion. People, more often than not, don't enjoy being corrected or even having others disagree with them. Some...
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    Hello, everyone.

    I'm Gina. I just thought I would say hello.