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  1. KingManta

    Your Favourite Inspirational Song?

    This isn't actually a song but it's an intro to a mixtape by this called J. Cole. I really love the piano behind it and the strong words he speaks.
  2. KingManta

    The Fear of Getting Old

    I don't think people are generally scared of becoming old. I think people are scared of becoming old without accomplishing what they want to do in their life. Set goals while you're young and work your butt off to achieve them. When you're old you can look back and be proud about what you've done.
  3. KingManta

    Music for relaxation

    Same here, especially that first paragraph. I love the escape provides. Whenever everything else is bothering me, I know that music will always be there to make me feel better. Headphones on, world off.
  4. KingManta

    Higher Education

    I feel exactly the same way. I feel experience is way more important than a university degree. As my uncle says, the degree will only get you the job. From then on, it really doesn't make a difference.
  5. KingManta

    Higher Education

    Wow, fantastic in-depth post. I especially like the ending paragraph because it's really the stuff of movies, very unreal events. The fact that you can become a millionaire through the Internet is so amazing, and it definitely makes me feel better that if the whole education deal falls through...
  6. KingManta

    Music for relaxation

    Sort of along the same lines as me. Music with no lyrics is just way more relaxing. You like listening to jazz/classical, I prefer electronic. I guess songs with no words let you think about whatever you want, happy or sad.
  7. KingManta

    Protein Powder?

    While you work out, or after you work out? I've heard you drink it as a shake after you work out. Also, how much does it cost?
  8. KingManta

    Music for relaxation

    Whenever I use music to relax, it's always instrumental music. For some reason I find music without lyrics is a lot more relaxing for me. Ratatat makes my favourite instrumental music, with lots of relaxing and peaceful songs. They make me think about life. :P
  9. KingManta

    Higher Education

    Here in Canada, a university or college degree is absolutely necessary not to get a job, but to get promotions. It's the first thing managers and bosses look at, which is really unjust in my opinion. Experience should trump education. An example is my father. 30 years of experience in health &...
  10. KingManta

    How did you cope up with losing a loved-one?

    That's absolutely horrible. Death itself is terrible enough, I can only imagine how much worse it is when cause by something unnatural like that. At least catching the murderer would help you and your family at least have some closure. Sorry for your loss, hope they catch the culprit one day.
  11. KingManta

    What organizational software do you use?

    Sounds like the services that are offered through Google accounts. To the original poster, I'd suggest making either a Google or Yahoo account to synchronize all of your commitments and emails, etc. Hotmail just isn't as good.
  12. KingManta

    What organizational software do you use?

    I just use Google. They have a lot of organizational tools like a calendar and a to-do list. It's all integrated with your Gmail, if you use Gmail.
  13. KingManta

    How did you cope up with losing a loved-one?

    I find the best way to cope with a loss is to just spend time with loved ones. Together you can overcome the pain of losing another loved one. It's terrible to hear of death by unnatural cause, like murder. I find it is much easier to cope with a loss if one dies simply because they are old, and...
  14. KingManta

    I need to get rid of lots of stuff

    Haha, good quote. What an amazing mind Albert Einstein was. I think some clutter is good, but only to a certain extent. There's nothing wrong with having lots of stuff, but it should be organized.
  15. KingManta

    Can Jealousy Be Vital For A Successful Relationship?

    I definitely think a certain amount of jealousy should exist in a relationship. People act like being jealous is immature, but I don't think so. If some guy's talking to my girl, then it's just natural for me to be jealous. It shows that you actually care about your partner and don't really want...
  16. KingManta

    Staying upbeat without exercise

    Wow, you're going to be out for that long? That's terrible. I really don't know any good alternatives for actual solid physical activity. You could possibly try some sort of Wii game where at least you can pretend you are moving and exercising, while really just standing there waving the...
  17. KingManta

    Dealing With Gadget-Addicted Children

    If you're the parent, then I assume you will be paying the bills, whether it be for the cell phone, TV, Internet etc. Limit their usage. Say the kids can spend a certain amount of time with each device, or else they have to pay for it themselves. Kids love their gadgets, but love their money...
  18. KingManta

    Do You Enjoy Getting Up Early to "Greet the Day?"

    Setting the alarm for me often doesn't work though. :P It seems I can only wake up through the school year, but in the summer even if I set the alarm I just turn it off and keep sleeping for a few hours.
  19. KingManta

    I need to get rid of lots of stuff

    That's a great point. Like they say, one man's trash is another's treasure. Some of our old unwanted furniture, clothing etc. would be very well appreciated in poorer third world countries.
  20. KingManta

    Starting a Business

    It would definitely take more than one month. The key is to be patient and persevere. Don't expect huge success in a month, or you'll surely give up. It takes hard work and a long time, but pick a good market, work hard and it'll pay off.