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  1. Ese joy

    3 powerful and easy money visualization techniques

    Money visualization techniques enable you to attract more money, prosperity, and opportunities in your life. Don't worry though. These wealth attraction methods I am about to impart are easy and even fun to do. And there's nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. We all want to gain more money...
  2. Ese joy

    What do you do when you have not achieved your goals by the deadline you set

    Truth is many of us that set goals, some don't get accomplished, what's the cause and what do you think can be done to increase the chance of achieving it
  3. Ese joy

    Hey there, im first time on a forum

    I'm so glad to be here. My journey in personal development started from when I was a teenager.The journey is actually an unending one, personal development is forever and I strive to make myself better every day and also teach others too. I hope to learn here, contribute and also share my...