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  1. epiphaniesarefun

    What is Personal Development?

    I had a really good English teacher when I was younger that started a series of epiphanies for me. I realized that every action matters: whether it be a sad moment or a happy victory. Once I realized that, I found out that I was thinking in a fixed mindset way -- like I was who I was and I...
  2. epiphaniesarefun

    A Guide to Insomnia and How to Deal With It

    I recently set about changing many of my unhealthy habits about life. I realized that my habit of getting 4-5 hours of sleep was really having a severe effect on me. I learned these 11 things: Keep in mind that sleeping as little as 4 hours can have as much effect on your brain and sleeping...
  3. epiphaniesarefun

    What motivates you to get up and pursue you dreams?

    Thanks for posting! I'm new to the community, too :-) For me, my motivation is to be the best person I can be and to share as much of my abilities with the world as I can. I like to help people and that really motivates me whether it's running SQL, giving tips on data presentations, or...