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    What is Personal Development?

    I started improving my body first, as it is pretty straight forward. You workout, watch what you eat and get results. I then moved to find more hobbies that get me out of the house like BJJ, camping, and hiking. Then I moved to reading books to deepen my mind. Working on yourself is great! My...
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    I gained weight and my gf hates it.

    I don't think she doesn't like you or anything but instead cares for you. Try to lose your extra weight now that it's still early. If you let it go, it will only get harder. Be grateful that you have a girlfriend who is not afraid to tell you the truth though. Nick
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    A Workout And Diet That Helped Me Lose Fat And Finally Do Pullups

    Some extra fat loss tips: workout fasted wait 1 hour after your workout to eat limit alcohol include calisthenics on your workouts HIIT and steady state cardio sparkling water with lemon juice avoid cheat meals if at all possible have faith on your workout
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    A Workout And Diet That Helped Me Lose Fat And Finally Do Pullups

    Hello everyone, I want to give some value to this forum early on, by sharing my journey and experiences in the fitness and self-improvement world. 4 weeks ago I started a workout routine based on calisthenics and saw great results in a short time. I managed to perform 10 pullups in a row and...
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    Personal Development Book Recommendations

    I like philosophy and literature among others. I believe you can learn a lot about psychology by reading a good novel by Dostoyevsky for example. Anyways, a great blog I follow, has posted a nice list with book reviews. I have read some of these books myself, so I recommend them: If you want...
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    Introduction and how I started my quest to self-improvement

    Hello everyone, my name is Nick and I am 29 years old. I have started my journey in self development a little time ago and I must say I am really into it. I have started the quest to improving myself through losing weight and getting in shape. I must say I have lost 5 kg in 4 weeks and have...