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    Have bad luck? The Universe is trying to tell you something

    After a week from hell, I am currently taking a leave of absence from work for a few months. With lots of reflection time, I realize bad things don't happen to us. They often react of us and sometimes, with good intentions. I believe the Universe was trying to tell me something important that...
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    Signs or coincidences?

    I see signs everyone. In my dreams, through numbers and other objects. The more in tune I am with my Spirit the more I see these signs. I get so much comfort and reassurance from these moments. A lot of people think these happenings are coincidences. They could be but what's the fun in that? I...
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    Another Plea: Looking to Guest Post

    Hey guys! I've been busy working on my new blog. I'm looking to network with other bloggers in a similar niche (spirituality and self-improvement) and to guest post. Please let me know if you're interested! I would love to learn/work with you. You can visit my blog by clicking the link in the...
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    Looking To Collaborate With Other Bloggers

    Hi Guys, I have a blog that I'm trying to promote (link in my signature). I'm always interested in working with others to get to know more like-minded people in the community. It's also a great way to promote each other and learn new tips and tricks! My blog is about spirituality and self...
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    How Do Empaths Protect Themselves?

    Growing up empathetic, I was never taught to protect myself from other people's energies - especially negative energies. I still don't have any real techniques or advice. Does anyone here have any experience with this? I would love to know!
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    Do you guys use them? If so, what ones do you use and how do they help you? Cheers, Ang
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    Does your food choices affect your relationships?

    I eat a plant-based diet and I have read time and time again that vegans/vegetarains connect best with other plant-based eaters. My partners is not plant-based or health conscious. Although we do have a great relationship and respect each other's food choices, I do wish we could bond over my...
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    Being consistent with a healthy diet

    I eat a most raw vegan diet. I love eating healthy and I see and feel the benefits when I do. The problem is that I get super motivated for a week or more and then I fall off track for a little while. This is a common problem for most people, I think. But I'm curious to hear anyone's...