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  1. allanrsm

    2016...The Year of Phenomenal!

    As 2016 is into full swing I have asked the question how can I take responsibility and make it a phenomenal year. By making it a phenomenal year I want a year where desired results come quicker, where effort applied is not draining and has value attached, where my goals become reality and I...
  2. allanrsm

    What are your techniques for optimal development and why?

    Habits are the difference that creates a momentum towards our success! Without habit we become like a small boat on an ocean: we get effected by external influences and movements happen that are not goal orientated. Habits are the small expressions of how a goal will be achieved and the...
  3. allanrsm

    The Power of Positive Words

    The effect of positive self talk/affirmations is a profound and significant measure in beingable to take us emotionally and mentally to a place we want to be with the manifestation of our desired results following not long after. When we talk ourselves up we get a source of inspiration to...
  4. allanrsm

    Our journey to success

    Great contribution...thanks for sharing! This is the most understood aspect of our lives! We think other people can do what we cant and we end up being spectators, instead of working to achieve what we really want!
  5. allanrsm

    What do I want to do in my life?

    The most substantial move you can make to shift yourself to where you want to be is to be specific about the end result/goal/life you want to have and how you want to live it! When you are able to detail the specifics mentally and get emotionally involved with what you want then you will be...
  6. allanrsm

    How to get rid of fear of failure?

    The fear of failure is a substantial barrier that need s to be overcome in order to achieve anything of significance in our lives. Failure is a status that is so negatively programmed onto our makeup that the merely the thought of the supposed premise this brings into our lives leads to a...
  7. allanrsm

    People are Awesome - 2015

    2016 will be Phenomenal! Great post Barry K.
  8. allanrsm

    The Power of Giving Freely

    Great article and contribution. A principal by which I am trying to live more with is "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself!" I feel this is such an extremeley important principal that when understood and applied we will be able to experience a wonderful measure of harmony and peace that brings as...
  9. allanrsm

    Here are some Inspiring Quotes you may like...

    Great contribution and awesome quotes. A personal favorite of mine is: "Whether you think you can or you think you cant; either way you are right." - Henry Ford
  10. allanrsm


    Too many times, on our journey towards our goal, we experience hardships, difficulties and obstacles that seem to continue to knock us down and push us such an extent that we feel we are going backwards. You see that every challenge and obstacle we encounter is sent to prove us...
  11. allanrsm

    Here's My Favorite Motivational Video - What's Yours..

    Here is a classic from the master Zig Ziglar! Np picture but the words are phenomenal!
  12. allanrsm

    How to detach from environment ?

    A very mature head on your shoulders that has recognized the importance of forging your own path. Often in life we have to do what we don't want to do, UNTIL, we don't have to do it anymore. These are situations that we find ourselves in where we have to practically apply the laws and...
  13. allanrsm

    What is the end goal for everyone?

    The experience I have encountered over the years is that society is geared towards making sure people are only equipped to be like person 1 as described. The problem is that each and everyone of us want to be like person 2 but don't know how to get there! Decision is the barrier which...
  14. allanrsm

    What is Personal Development?

    Personal Development starts by being able to know where you are, where you want to go, and knowing the change required to get where you want to be! Personal Development is taking this journey with faith and enthusiasm and making sure you get to where you want to be!
  15. allanrsm

    Realizing what kind of person you are

    Thanks for the open and frank assessment regarding where you see yourself...this is always the biggest milestone in any journey that we undertake to progress ourselves and realize a fulfilled potential! The way I see the situation you describe is that you lack something to get enthusiastic...
  16. allanrsm

    What are You THINKING About

    We may have heard that thoughts become things! If not start to watch your thinking today. In our pursuit of our goals ambitions and other desires we want to manifest We need to understand that our predominant thoughts are infused in our habits, our actions and eventually become the results see...
  17. allanrsm

    What do you love and hate about personal development?

    I love everything! In the beginning I was frustrated as everything leads to effort and change and this seemed like hard-work! However after this and when I started understanding Personal Development as I needed to I could identify the true potential that we all have as well as the...
  18. allanrsm

    Tips To Following Your Inner Guide

    Another great contribution, thanks very much. Following our inner guide (intuition in other contexts) is a skill we have been programmed away from in our society, often in my case the inner voice has lead me to move away from the conventional and obvious which was not always easily understood...
  19. allanrsm

    Any good Self Development books you recommend reading?

    3 Fundamental books you must have: 1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 2. The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles 3. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen Read them, understand them and apply them and your life will change forever!
  20. allanrsm

    I'm Building A Workshop on Habits & Need Your Help

    The most fundamental teaching I would like to take away would be to successfully replace negative habits with positive habits. All the best for your plans!