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  1. Milton

    Saying "I Love You"

    I know of someone whose girlfriend demands that he either sends a text saying "I love you" or calls her saying that everyday in the morning. I'm not sure how that would strengthen the relationship, but I honestly doubt that saying "I love you" without meaning it actually makes the other party...
  2. Milton

    Pet-Owner Relationships

    Does anyone here own pets? How do you make sure that your pet and you maintain a good healthy relationship? My friend owns a cat and it's getting really lazy. All they do is watch TV together :p They used to go out in the lawn and run around, but the cat sleeps 12 hours a day and watches TV the...
  3. Milton

    Making Money Online

    Does anyone make money online through selling items over eBay or some stuff like that? I've seen a large increase in the demand for goods online and I thought perhaps some of us here would've had an experience with selling stuff online for that quick extra bucks. Would anyone like to share...
  4. Milton

    High-fibre diet

    I've read on an article that a high fibre diet can actually help you maintain your health by cleaning out your digestive system. Has anyone tried that with good effects?