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  1. smile4u

    Water is important to us!

    Do you know water plays a very important role in our health? How much water can you drink in a day? In general, doctors recommend 8 or 9 cups. I drink a lot of water, especially tea in the office to make sure my body is not lack of water. You should not drink water when you feel thirsty; you...
  2. smile4u

    why reading?

    Reading can make us smart. Reading can open up new world to us and enrich our lives. Reading can enhance our social skills. You can benefit a lot from reading; there is no reason for you not to read. I believe reading is a good way to enhance your self-improvement. Do you often read books?
  3. smile4u

    How to develop patience?

    I think i am very impatient, especially with children. I could lose my temper easily for a very small thing :(. After that i might regret for what i have done, but what have done is done you know. Just wondering how i can develop my patience? Should i count numbers before i lose my temper? Sigh...
  4. smile4u

    What exercise do you do to keep healthy?

    I like jogging, rope-skipping, hola hoop, and sit-ups and i do these kind of things a lot. I also like playing badminton but i need to practice more before i can do it well. What exercises do you choose to build up your body?
  5. smile4u

    What makes a good employee?

    All of us want to be appreciated by our employers (if we have). A good relationship with your boss is very important for your career. Besides you must own the real ability to fit in your job. I would like to know more about it. What do you think can make a good employee? :)
  6. smile4u

    How to keep healthy?

    Health is very important to each of us, but how can we keep healthy? I think besides the balanced eating habit, exercise is also very important. The regular health check up is also needed. Whats your tips to keep healthy?