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  1. Simant

    What is Yoga and it's Importance in healthy life

    Yoga plays a very important role in life. Yoga prepares the body and mind to bear the rigours of meditation. Yoga begins with asanas as a physical method to control the mind. Yoga progresses to use a variety of breathing exercises and meditation to calm the mind and focus its energies to attain...
  2. Simant

    Spirituality for Atheists

    When man cannot find God directly he looks for spirituality in a roundabout manner. He is always in search of peace, joy, friendship and unity. Even self styled atheists find ways to devote themselves. Religion for atheists is devotion to country, devotion to humanity through social service...
  3. Simant

    Do you know why is everyone doing Yoga ?

    Do you know why is everyone doing Yoga ? This a question from my side can you share with me your thoughts and your yoga experience.
  4. Simant

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone, I am Simant Maindola from India, I am yoga teacher in Rishikesh at Spirit Yoga Foundation. I am very happy to join this community. I want contribute and learn more about yoga from here. Thanks