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  1. William Martinez

    Spouse that dismisses anything to do with Personal Development?

    Quest, I'm so sorry you and your wife are going through this tough time, have you guys tried coaching or counseling? There is a deeper reason for her still entertaining thought of divorce. If it's not someone else, or something extreme like addictions for example, I believe your relationship can...
  2. William Martinez


    Right you are Cynthia:)
  3. William Martinez

    How do you deal with an argumentative spouse?

    Something is triggering his defensiveness. It could be something you say or do, and I don't mean that in a bad way. Just something he associates with defensiveness and pain. When he is triggered, he is reacting from a source of pain/fear. Try saying something like, Im sorry your so upset right...
  4. William Martinez

    Spouse that dismisses anything to do with Personal Development?

    Maybe instead of focusing,on her aversion to PD, you could focus on what she means by treating her better? What need is she needing you to fullill? She might not know how to communicate what she needs from you, even worse yet, thinks you should"just know." It's a common misconception we all have...
  5. William Martinez

    Disconnected from my fiance of 5 years....

    One more thing, it's not that he doesn't find you attractive anymore. When men shut down, it causes them to shut down in the bedroom dept. as well I'm afraid.
  6. William Martinez

    Disconnected from my fiance of 5 years....

    Hi Chara, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Marriage is hard work and I empathize with you:) the good news is your not alone and alot of couples experience similar situations. I would recommend perhaps just you getting some help. A relationship e,pert can give you great suggestions on how...
  7. William Martinez


    I truly believe alot of marriages fall into negative behavior patterns and what once was a full filling and loving relationship, becomes "we grew apart." I believe alot of couples never have a chance because none of us are taught how to initiate and maintain positive couple patterns, that keep a...
  8. William Martinez

    Do You Think it is Truly Possible To Forgive Your Mate

    If you forgive a one time trust breaking event, it must be totally with your whole heart. But more importantly, figure out why they did what they did, and what need were they trying to fullfill, and is it possible that you weren't full filling it? Work on learning eachother needs, and helping to...
  9. William Martinez

    Building Fulfilling Relationship

    I love that your relationship is new, because that infatuation stage is wonderful, definately enjoy it while it lasts, just know that the relationship will go into that second stage, where now you know the deepest parts of eachother, and you may begin taking for granted that comfortability...
  10. William Martinez

    TERRIBLE BREAK UP Please help

    Having a good friend, someone to confide in and spend time with can help time move you on. Just be prepared to ask that person the same questions over and over again, why did this happen? Why wont she/he take me back? How can I move on from this? How do I stop the pain? Break ups are tough:(
  11. William Martinez

    how Do I Stop Procrastinating? Tools or Advice?

    The first thing to do is to catch yourself in the act! Once you catch yourself, acknowledge and say to yourself, " I'm procrastinating." Then I do a count down method. I refer to procrastination as the "monster" 5. I see the monster 4. The monster will not defeat me 3. Because I know now what I...
  12. William Martinez

    Having A Career in Your Passion

    I applaud u Mrnace for including your passion in your life despite having to continue to work a less desirable job to financially support youself. A lot of people work a job they are not happy with,but most forget to inject what there passionate about in there lives, and are left miserable. You...
  13. William Martinez

    What steps do you take to root out habits you feel are holding you back?

    I love this! My specialty is goal creation and Thora seems to have a good grasp on it:) Obviously, awareness of the bad habit is key, but know that to rid yourself of it is a process that takes time, on day at a time, develop a daily plan to get rid of this habit, and then only focus on that...
  14. William Martinez

    What is Success?

    The unconscious rules could be due to many factors, mostly environmental conditioning, but others have instilled within themselves "unconscious rules" consciously to get a certain expected result. And ofcourse it's true, that what you thought would bring you success didnt. You can only...
  15. William Martinez

    Procrastination - A Lazy Boy Defintion.

    Many factors can play a part in the reason as the wonderful examples above show, but it is important to not only look at why an individual procrastinates, but getting them to break the cycle. Fighting and unconditioning procrastination is an ongoing battle, but I technique I use that involves...
  16. William Martinez

    Please help: i'm doubting the path i've chosen

    I'm closer to this than you could realize! You know, you obviously have a lot of passion for music... that is your "Soul" calling. Life for you would not be living without music as part of it. You are at the beginning of life it seems to me, you sound young. Hold true to what is close to your...
  17. William Martinez

    Which Books Have Influenced You the Most?

    The Richest Man in Babylon The Greatest Salesman The Power of Now Conversations With God Tao Te Ching just to name some favorites:)