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  1. Dileep Tiwari

    how Do I Stop Procrastinating? Tools or Advice?

    Motivate yourself to gather the courage to take first step to accomplish your most desired task of your life smoothly and early by keeping on challenging yourself without the pressure of perfection or waiting to feel like doing it.
  2. Dileep Tiwari

    Building Fulfilling Relationship

    Relationships are very much personal. Comparing your relationships is not going to take you anywhere except making you feel pity about yourself.
  3. Dileep Tiwari

    TERRIBLE BREAK UP Please help

    Break up is painful but it is completely our own choice to suffer or not.
  4. Dileep Tiwari

    Let it go...

    This is true.
  5. Dileep Tiwari

    Wishing all a happy new year!

    Happy new year to you too and to everyone.
  6. Dileep Tiwari

    The difference between being spiritual and religious

    Spirituality is a realization of self. It leads one to oneself. It is very much personal and the benefit of it is seen in the personality of a seeker. For being spiritual you do not want to be religious. Religious beliefs involves some set of do's and don't to follow along with spiritual practices.
  7. Dileep Tiwari

    Is Fearing The Fear The Biggest Barrier?

    Fear is a natural reaction of our mind and body triggered by the possibility of danger, pain, hate, anger, etc., and after the danger is past, so is the fear response. However, when fear spread out in a vicious circle, it becomes a stumbling block to our progress.
  8. Dileep Tiwari

    What is the end goal for everyone?

    Definitely, as no two person has exactly the same background, expertise and conditions so it is very natural for anyone to have the different definitions of their best life. There is no such a abstract end goal of life.
  9. Dileep Tiwari

    What is the end goal for everyone?

    I think living best life is the end goal of everyone. It will automatically add value in life and that in turn make the person happy.
  10. Dileep Tiwari

    Fear of Failure

    That's true! Success does not come easily. If someone want to translate their desire into reality, then they have to work for it and make failure lead them to success.