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    How did you handle losing your first love?

    It was the worse pain I ever felt. I went through times of feeling sad, angry, and even trying to tell myself that he was a bad person anyway. I tried dating to replace him and it didn't work out very well at all. I then decided that I just has to except things and move on. I realized that the...
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    Keeping Your Schedule

    Oh wow! My life and schedule is always so crazy that I could not possibly remember everything without my to-do-list. I have been guilty of being lazy and forgetful, yes, it is true. The way I have learned to handle things is by making up my to-do-list at night before bed. I look over my list...
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    I need to get rid of lots of stuff

    I agree that donating your unwanted items is a great idea and will give you a great feeling of peace. There are so many families everywhere suffering from the economy and damage to their homes caused by storms. Our things could be like gold to others.
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    How to rid off shyness

    I don't think there is anything wrong with being a shy person, as long as you have those few close people that you are able to open up to and talk. I have always been an out going person that wasn't afraid to meet new people and talking to anyone. However, I raised a daughter that was completely...
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    Hard To Say I Am Sorry?

    The words I am sorry hold as much power as they words I love you. Yet people find them so hard to say. Could it be for fear of rejection? For the fear of the other person not excepting these words? Saying you're sorry is important in help mend a relationship. It tells the other person that you...
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    Do You Enjoy Getting Up Early to "Greet the Day?"

    I always get up early in the mornings. I feel like I have wasted my day if I sleep let and it seems I don't have enough time to get everything done. I have to start out with my prayer, coffee and emails when I first wake up. Then it's run, shower, and work.
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    Ever felt insecure because of negative criticism?

    I think it is important that you have your child spend more time with you so he can bond and learn your rules. If I were you, I would start out by talking to the grandparents and any other family member involved. You need to let them know that you are the child's mother and no one is more...
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    I love this idea and use it every chance I get. My friends have actually laughed and called me a knowledge geek because of it. Nice to know I'm not the only "geek" out there.
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    Pool or beach for relaxing

    I have no choice but to go to the pool since there are no beaches where I live. I moved from La. 8 years ago where I practically lived on the beach so I really do miss it. I love laying out in the sun. I found it to be so soothing and relaxing. My new hubby just took me on vacation to Tybee...
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    Do You Enjoy Walking?

    Walking is not only a great form of exercise but also a great way to relax and relieve stress for me. I started walking twice a day with my son, once in the morning and again in the evening when it's cooler.
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    Are You Into Charity?

    Everyone needs a little help at some time or another. Many times that is all one needs is just that little helping hand in order to get back on their feet. I love helping others in any way I can and I have tried to raise me kids to do the same. We've helped many of families with food, clothing...
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    Your Favourite Inspirational Song?

    I think one of my most favorite inspirational song is Holes In The Floor Of Heaven. It reminds me that even though my grandmother is no longer on this earth, her memories live on forever and are always with me. This makes it easier for me to carry on with life.
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    Being out of work

    Times are so hard right now and I see many families struggling to find jobs and make ends meet. I finally got to the point where I no longer have to work outside the home and I that God for that. My daughter has been unemployed for over a year now and there just isn't anything out there to even...
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    How do I stay cheerful on a rainy day?

    The best suggestion I can give you to get rid of those rainy day blues is to run outside and play in it. If that doesn't work, try singing out as loud as you can while splashing in the puddles. I guarantee your day will be filled with laughter afterwards.
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    Smile A Lot

    I am always smiling as well. Even when I'm mad, it may be a different kind of not so friendly smile, but it's a smile. I love making others smile as well. Any time I see someone looking troubled or sad I smile and say hello. Trust me they will smile back even if it is a forced smile. I truly...