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  1. andrespaulding

    Fixing my bad posture (Rounded shoulders and APT)

    I loved the article, I'm going to try the potion without using a chair back as it forces you to sit upright.
  2. andrespaulding

    Fixing my bad posture (Rounded shoulders and APT)

    Aerobic exercises are good as it helps to maintain the natural alignment in the back. However, being aware of your posture can be an issue. What I normally do is switch up how I work or play games. So I'll be conscious in a seated position for about 6 -8 minutes, then when I feel slouchy, I...
  3. andrespaulding

    How can you teach a child to respect themselves?

    Agreed Agreed, it starts at the home. Children will emulate the principles instill in them from an early age.
  4. andrespaulding

    What makes a Relationship successful???

    Most definitely, I'm seeing trust and respect but this also has to be coupled with effective communication just as a business strives on its customers through rapport building, there is the need to build and maintain through constant communication it helps us to develop an understanding of...
  5. andrespaulding

    This probably might be a coincidence.

    Coincidence could be, but more importantly what was your state of mind when searching for her....your mind was probably attracting something in that moment
  6. andrespaulding

    I lack motivation and my life is boring

    Hi Zetohero, You are that indeed a hero, I once felt like that in my early 20s. It was not until years after someone told me that not because you don't think you are making an impact, because you are making an impact on others around you. You are special remember that! However, what I...
  7. andrespaulding

    Self Improvement questions! Things to do in place of time wasting :)

    Congrats on your first post... while there are many outlets/sources where you can find this info there are few I listen to in my spare time. I too usually use free time for entertainment, but realizing how much can be learned even when your not utilizing the full potential of your brain. Ralph...
  8. andrespaulding

    How to stop fearing failiure?

    The 'want' is there to draw and exercise. Kudos to you! The next step is to start, then make small improvements once you've mastered getting started (even if it means drawing or exercising for 5 minutes or less), then improve using the power of 3, increase weekly by 3 minutes. What happens is...
  9. andrespaulding

    What is Personal Development?

    Indeed. Self-development is basically learning to improve on the things that fulfill you as a human being. Doing the things that you love, the passion and positive energy that is felt when you do anything. Whether it be honing your craft in a particular niche, talking about a specific subject...