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  1. Girl'vivalist Meg

    What inspires you to be positive?

    A lot of things keep me positive depending on the situation. Recently, something that has kept me very positive, is Youtube. There are several videos there regarding the Sikh religion that are very inspirational regardless of your spiritual belief system. They are soothing and make me feel...
  2. Girl'vivalist Meg

    What organizational software do you use?

    I currently work from a desktop with a netbook as the portable option for meetings and travel. I want to get everything streamlined and having my calendar, to do list, etc in several different spots is becoming tedious. What organizational software do you use? What software has a calendar, to do...
  3. Girl'vivalist Meg


    This maybe because of my own personal belief system but I don't know how to keep religion and science separate. My belief system puts them hand in hand. I know that seems odd to some but keeping the separate is just...odd to me. I totally understand what you are saying about not having a...
  4. Girl'vivalist Meg


    My fiance is Atheist while I am a Gnostic Catholic. It has actually never been a problem or issue. Mainly because I see the person he is and how he lives his life. He may not be a "believer" of any religion but he does live his life like a believer. He cares about others, he tries very hard to...
  5. Girl'vivalist Meg

    Things to know about online job hunts

    Check with sites like they are wonderful. They alert you to current scams, have job postings, and overall are a great community for that sort of thing.
  6. Girl'vivalist Meg

    Why do you pray?

    I pray during problems or stress but I also pray at odd times during the day. I find myself using prayer as a meditative device for stress release. I also find myself praying as a way of counseling. Not really asking God to tell me what to do but just sort of unloading the days problems, issues...
  7. Girl'vivalist Meg

    How Strong Is Your Faith?

    I believe that my faith is strong but at the same time I don't believe that my confidence in myself when it comes to relying on my faith is. I know that is sort of an odd answer but I view my faith as something personal to my own views where as my reliance on that faith in difficult situations...
  8. Girl'vivalist Meg

    Things to know about online job hunts

    I have been working from home since 2003. In that time I have worked as a CSR, Administrative Manager, and Personal Assistant to a CEO of a virtual assistant firm. Currently I am working for myself in the career that I adore. That being said, over my time in working from home, I have noticed...
  9. Girl'vivalist Meg

    Online Infidelity

    I think it really depends on the couple as individuals and what they have set down as guidelines for their relationship. For some people online infidelity or online chatting can be the same as if adultery was committed. At the same time someone else may say its nothing and is the same as...
  10. Girl'vivalist Meg

    How Did You Meet Your Lover? Share!

    I actually met him online in a chat room. We found that we had similar interests and it was casual chatting at first. He was on the verge of a breakup that had been coming for a long while. One of those on again off again relationships that you stay in out of the thought that nothing else is out...
  11. Girl'vivalist Meg

    have you developed a close friendship thru Facebook?

    Yes, I have developed several close friendships on Facebook. They are mostly through what originally started as work/career networking and grew from there. I found a lot of people with similar interests and views that I would not have met otherwise.
  12. Girl'vivalist Meg

    Is it better to plan your child's life before they're born or allow them to choose their destiny?

    I think it is a good idea to have a plan for the child's future. My fiance and I are planning on children on I know we have a sort of plan for their education and such. I don't think that having a strict plan is a good idea though. Every person and child is unique. I think the plan should be...
  13. Girl'vivalist Meg

    What's good for sore muscles?

    I use a variety of things for sore muscles. Emu oil is one. I also use this wrap that is actually designed for weight loss but the natural ingredients didn't do anything for weight loss but they did miracles on my sore muscles and bad knee. It's an herbal wrap and I wouldn't be without several...
  14. Girl'vivalist Meg

    What is Personal Development?

    Personal development for me was an all changing all over experience. I was not happy where I was in life. I was working a dead end job that was literally a job and nothing more. My faith/belief/spiritual life was on a downward spiral. I was in a relationship that wasn't at all what it needed to...
  15. Girl'vivalist Meg

    What is your view about Church Offering and Tithing

    I don't necessarily look at tithing and church offerings as an all together Biblical concept as much as I look at it as a way to fund the church and the ministers of that church. I am an ordained minister and have worked independently in the community as well as within a church diocese of sorts...