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  1. pafjlh

    Would You Participate in a Clincial Trial?

    This is something I have to ask. We have all seen these advertised online and on television. They are asking for participants in clinical trials for new medications or about new treatment for health conditions. To be honest I have had mix feelings about these. I have actually taken part in...
  2. pafjlh

    Pope Francis a Man of the People

    Regardless of what our personal feelings maybe about the United States new relationship with Cuba, there is something that was obvious here. Pope Francis is a man of the people, all people, regardless of whether they are Catholic or not. The Pope played an instrumental part in getting the...
  3. pafjlh

    Could You Get Involved With Someone Who is Divorced?

    This is subject that was once discussed on a forum I went to years ago and it stuck with me. I guess because I had to think about where I stood on this subject. Some of the people there were saying they could never even consider dating someone who had been divorced, and some weren't sure how...