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    What is 1 thing that prevents you from success in life?

    In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons people don´t get a life they want is that they don´t take action. You may have a wonderful idea, a great plan, but when you don´t take action toward your goals, it´s just a dream. I struggled with it a lot, but then I learned how to overcome this, so...
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    How To Overcome fear?

    What Are Your Techniques For Overcoming Fear?
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    How to stop procrastinating once and for all?

    Hey @denydritz. Good article! :) I once see a man who came to lecture the executives of the big company and the first thing he told them was this: When I tell you to do something and I can´t explain to you WHY you should, just don´t do it. This shows the same principle you use. People need...
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    How to stop procrastinating once and for all?

    Do you know someone who never dealt with the procrastination? Because frankly, I don´t. I struggled with the procrastination in a past for a very long time. I tried to use every tip to stop procrastinating. And after a few months of constant putting away things, I found out what to do. I think...
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    Question about laziness and need feedback on my current mindset

    I think your #1 focus right now needs to be to properly set your goals. It all comes from your lack of motivation. If you aren´t motivated you are tired even after 8 hours of regular sleep. If you don´t see the big outcome, you are in a bad mindset. But don´t underestimate the mornings...
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    How do you know, you´re motivated enough?

    When you woke up today, did you feel motivated, driven and ready to crush your day? Or you woke up and wish you could stay in your bed for at least 1 hour and you hated even the image of you get up and go to work? Well, if it´s you case, don´t worry. It happens all the time. But, sometimes...
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    When your ideas are not encouraged, what to do?

    Hey @sridharcw, there are 2 types of people who appear to be unsupportive to you: People who love you and don´t want you to fail. People who envy you and want to drag you down. The key is to determine what kind of people you´re dealing with. This determination is so important because many...
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    Question about laziness and need feedback on my current mindset

    Hey @psdev, there are more things that could cause your laziness problem. 1. Sleeping - do you sleep enough? It´s "famous" recently, that people say they don´t need to sleep enough. They can sleep only 4-5 hours. Well, it´s true, people can live with that, but in the long term, it always...
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    What exactly is self discipline, and how do I make sure that I have it?

    Hey @whittlingaway , Don´t even try to change everything simultaneously. It´s simply not possible. Firstly, there is so much you (we all) need to change. Secondly, until you´ll be truly focusing on 1 thing at the time, you are not going to make a change. And even more importantly, if you...
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    What are the best strategies for increasing your confidence?

    I know from my own experience, that no matter what your goals are, lack of confidence can (and WILL) kill all your dreams. It broke my heart every single time when I see people who are capable of great things, but they choose not to, simply because they aren´t confident enough. I was shy, not...
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    Is it wrong to do too much work?

    Hey Leo, I think you ARE doing much. First of all, it´s great you´re enthusiastic and hungry to learn. It´s one of the best habits you can develop for life. But, trying to start all those things you mentioned in at the same time is simply NOT POSSIBLE. The way to do it is always - step by...
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    How to stop caring what others think of me?

    Hello, thanks for sharing. 1. People who made fun of you, or think you´re weird, isn´t your friends! So, by taking personally what they think of you, hurt only you. Then, you aren´t living your life. you´re living their lives. 2. If you look at this, almost every person who succeed greatly...
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    How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

    I recently studied this topic, and I love this approach from Brendon Burchard: You don´t lose your motivation. You lost your focus on what you are fighting for. So, the first thing (and maybe the only) people should do when they don´t feel motivated, is to think again about the big reason...
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    What do you think about this goal-setting technique?

    There are literally a few skills you need to develop for a better quality of life. I bet you would agree with me, that goal setting can´t be miss out from this list. Perhaps, you set a bunch of goals for yourself, but, somehow you can´t manage to fulfill them. The main difference is in...
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    How to solve these challenges?

    What I can suggest you, when you have spare time, always try to use it for your development. Whether it´s self-development or learning new skills (that you may use for your next projects, in your relationship. It´s the truth what it says: The best investment is an investment in yourself (your...
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    Short Term and Long Term Goals Relating To Managing Stress and Share Myself Personal Development Goal Ideas

    Hey, you can manage your stress (that comes actually from fear you experience when you have to do something), simply by doing what you fear the most. This could be really scary from the beginning, that´s the reason why I recommend to you is to start small. Let´s say I am stressed about public...
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    6-Step System For Effectively Solving Every Problem You Can Imagine

    Hey guys, If you are a person (not an alien :)) I bet, you are dealing with problems every single day. Mark Manson is his best selling book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck says, that happiness comes from solving problems in your life. But, from my own experience I know, it´s little hard...
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    How to increase self confidence for facing job-interviews for an experienced person

    Hey, your problem is self-confidence problem. Look at that this way: Your life doesn't depend on this job interview. At the end of the day, it´s only the interview. (that´s for you to stop worrying so much and stressed out about the interview). And don´t worry, according to your experience, I...
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    These 3 Things Determine Whether You Will Or Will NOT Succeed In Life

    I agree, these 3 things I mentioned was from Think and grow rich and also I tried to be as simple as it could be. All of these abilities you mentioned are also very important for success too.
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    How can I develop my own willpower?

    Hello Noriel, thanks for reaching out to this community and for sharing your problem. In developing willpower there are 2 things you should focus on: 1. Understanding your timing - Think of willpower exactly as you think about energy. When you wake up in the morning, you have a lot of...