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    What is 1 thing that prevents you from success in life?

    In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons people don´t get a life they want is that they don´t take action. You may have a wonderful idea, a great plan, but when you don´t take action toward your goals, it´s just a dream. I struggled with it a lot, but then I learned how to overcome this, so...
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    How To Overcome fear?

    What Are Your Techniques For Overcoming Fear?
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    How to stop procrastinating once and for all?

    Do you know someone who never dealt with the procrastination? Because frankly, I don´t. I struggled with the procrastination in a past for a very long time. I tried to use every tip to stop procrastinating. And after a few months of constant putting away things, I found out what to do. I think...
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    How do you know, you´re motivated enough?

    When you woke up today, did you feel motivated, driven and ready to crush your day? Or you woke up and wish you could stay in your bed for at least 1 hour and you hated even the image of you get up and go to work? Well, if it´s you case, don´t worry. It happens all the time. But, sometimes...
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    What are the best strategies for increasing your confidence?

    I know from my own experience, that no matter what your goals are, lack of confidence can (and WILL) kill all your dreams. It broke my heart every single time when I see people who are capable of great things, but they choose not to, simply because they aren´t confident enough. I was shy, not...
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    What do you think about this goal-setting technique?

    There are literally a few skills you need to develop for a better quality of life. I bet you would agree with me, that goal setting can´t be miss out from this list. Perhaps, you set a bunch of goals for yourself, but, somehow you can´t manage to fulfill them. The main difference is in...
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    6-Step System For Effectively Solving Every Problem You Can Imagine

    Hey guys, If you are a person (not an alien :)) I bet, you are dealing with problems every single day. Mark Manson is his best selling book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck says, that happiness comes from solving problems in your life. But, from my own experience I know, it´s little hard...
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    How Successful Are You With Your New Year´s Resolution So Far?

    Hey PD community :) As the 11th day in this new year is almost over, I want to ask you: How Successful Are You With Your New Year´s Resolution So Far? Did you break it already? Or as 2019 starts, you are a new person? What changes in a new year did you accomplish already?
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    3 Signs You Will Be A Great Leader One Day

    If you want: to be respected from your friends, colleagues or your employees. people to follow you or simply listen to your opinion... Be a better leader! In the link below are 3 signs that determine whether you will or won´t be a great leader one day...
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    These 3 Things Determine Whether You Will Or Will NOT Succeed In Life

    Napoleon Hill Wrote in his Best Seller book Think And Grow Rich 3 things that determines that you will or will not be successful in anything you want to accomplish in your life. 1. Ability to get along with people - whether you are starting a business, finding your partner for life or you want...
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    The Most Motivating Story I Have Ever Read

    The Most Motivating Story I Have Ever Read, check it out here:
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    Why Being Always Positive Can Be Actually Devastating For Your Life

    [New Blog Post] Discover Why You Definitely Shouldn´t Be Always Positive In Your Life Check it out here:
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    The Best Article I Ever Read In 2018

    Best article, or I should say Fb Post is from a young girl with cancer. She talks about what is and what isn´t important in our lives. Take a few minutes and check it out. Here it is:
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    These Are 4 Biggest Dream Killers You May Face In Your Life..

    Hello, in order to get what you want from life, I bet you already have experience with - Dream Killers. It´s basically anything, what makes people give up on their dreams. In this article I published on Steven Aitchison´s blog (one of the best known Personal Development blog), I am talking...
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    Why Advice – Get Rid Of Negative People Is Actually Bad For You?

    I bet everyone of us already heard this saying: When you want to be successful, just get rid of negative people. In the link below is my new blog post, that shows why this advice isn´t as good as many "gurus" think...
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    Can Hard Work Beat Intelligence?

    What do you think is more important? Working Hard or Working Smart?
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    Isn´t It Useless To Read All These Books When You Don´t Remember What You´ve Learn?

    First step for making your life better is to learn new skills and information. But I think, the same importance should we pay to actually remember pieces of information we just learned. There is one concept which is called: Active recall. Basically it says, the best way to learn to exam, or...
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    Is It Possible To Make A Good Decision In Every Situation?

    Hello, What would your life looks like, if you would always make the right decision? Here´s my recent blog post about 1 technique for making a good decision in every situation of your life. Check this technique here -...