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  1. Jerry


    Yeah and I'm going to have to side more towards TheBrit. I can't completely discredit self affirmation because it apparently works for some people. Self affirmation is based on the saying that "If you told something enough, you will start to believe it". I never even believed this statement. It...
  2. Jerry

    Is The Law Of Attraction/Spirituality Untrue?

    I had to look up what Law of Attraction meant. But when I looked it up, I found out that I already believed in the principle, I just called it something different. I called it shaping your reality, and it actually what the first article I wrote on my website is about. So anyways, I think...
  3. Jerry

    escaping home stress by work stress

    Not a bad post at all. Actually I'm glad you posted it because I recently saw a video you might be able to relate to and gain a lot from. Its a video from Steve Pavlina about living an abundance lifestyle. He talked a lot about when he was struggling financially and in heavy debt he this is...
  4. Jerry

    Who Is To Blame??

    Ahh I love this post. It raises a legit question and I think you offers some good insight. I agree with what you said about success. So many factors go into if a person is successful or not that no one person is 100% responsible for their success or failures in life. BUT (and this is a big...
  5. Jerry

    Getting to Sleep

    Ahhh you're making me feel guilty! My sleeping habits are pretty bad so I might need to join you so I don't have to pay for it when I get older :)
  6. Jerry

    A Hate Crime??

    The love of self (or should I say the acceptance of self) is the root of all happiness. The problem I have with self improvement, it discourages contentment and satisfaction with yourself. I mean that's not to say that I don't believe in self improvement (if I didn't I obviously wouldn't be...