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  1. Lucy

    Toddlers and Tiaras: Is This Exploitation?

    I don't like the show. I think dressing up toddlers and young girls is unhealthy for them and teaches them that looks mean everything. If girls want to get into it when they are 13 years or 14 years old, I would not have a problem with it because at that age I think they are old enough to...
  2. Lucy

    Why do you pray?

    I pray because it gives me peace of mind during times of stress. It calms me and makes me feel more connected to something bigger.
  3. Lucy

    Recommend book?

    Can anyone recommend a couple of good self help books? I am currently getting divorced and need some positive reinforcement in my life.
  4. Lucy

    Is a big wedding important to you?

    A big wedding is not important. I think it is possible to have a great wedding with just a few close family and friends, and have it still be wonderful. Especially, in this day and age when money is tight.