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  1. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Question: what's made all the difference in your development?

    Andrew! I've been practicing personal development for about a year :) A whole lot of seminar a book a week and hours upon hours of audio tapes will take you far in a short amount of time ! Books I've read that changed my life. 1. Napoleon Hill's The law of Success in Sixteen Lessons (Think...
  2. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Motivation vs Inspiration

    Hi there, Hope you're well! Just thought I'd share this with you today, during my studies into human potential Peak performance N.L.P and Hypnosis. I've found that there is a huge distinction between what you may believe motivation and inspiration is. We've been bred to believe that we...
  3. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Program Yourself for Abundance - Visualization technique

    You're so right Tomas! The whole purpose for meditation and visualization is to get your into a mind frame where you can take MASSIVE ACTION ~ as Tony Robbins would say haha. Andrew gets it as well, it's about cultivating your inner garden. If the world is showing you weeds it's important to...
  4. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Question: what's made all the difference in your development?

    Hey Andrew, Good question! 1. 100% responsibility for everything that comes into my life 2. The law of Cause and Effect 3. Seek balance not 100% positivity Hope this serves! Cole
  5. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Program Yourself for Abundance - Visualization technique

    Hi there, Everyone wants more, it's everywhere. You'll hear "If I had more... I would be so happy" Where does a statement like that come from a state of abundance or lack? If you want abundance in your life whether it's financial, relational or emotional first you need to understand the...
  6. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Hypnotherapy for success?

    Hi There, As a certified hypnotherapist I have found that there is a powerful and unique arsenal to be found within hypnotherapy. It's service that I provide as well as personal development coaching and the results I see in people after going through hypnosis is staggering. How does it work...
  7. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Ho'oponopono - Mantra

    Hi there, At the beginning of my personal development journey, I was lucky enough to stumble across Ho'oponopono from the works of Dr Hew Len and Dr Joe Vitale also going through Dr Joe Vitale's Miracles Coaching programs. I learnt a powerful concept and Mantra from Ho'oponopono which will...
  8. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Manage your internal energies for huge success!

    Excellent! Keep it up let's fill this thread with energy boosting tips haha :)
  9. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Manage your internal energies for huge success!

    Hi there, Just thought I'd share some information I've been reading up on, specifically on how to heighten energy levels. As a Personal Development Coach and a B-Boy (Breakdancer) I've found that optimizing my energy level is incredibly important. This is predominantly coming from a Male's...
  10. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Depolarization - The number 1 killer of relationships! AVOID THESE MISTAKES

    That's it! Man up and fill your women up with love. Women open up and allow yourself to be filled. lol! David Deida's stuff is amazing I've read The Way of The Superior man several times now, and am going through his enlightened sex manual for like the 3rd time haha Kind Regards,
  11. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Instant Confidence

    Loved that article man, keep it up!!
  12. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Depolarization - The number 1 killer of relationships! AVOID THESE MISTAKES

    Hi there, Being in a relationship in itself is a form of art. It's amazing the relationships I see breaking down everyday around me due to this one thing destroying all relationships. Do you feel like, the passion has dulled a little? If you're not in a relationship, do you struggle...
  13. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Instant Confidence

    Hi There, Confidence is everything when it comes to moving forward towards a specific goal. However it would be silly of me to define confidence as I have found it means different things to different people. For example, if you're a naturally introverted person like I am the simple act of...
  14. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Body Language: Speak Volumes Without Saying a Word

    Excellent tips there! Body language is so fascinating. For anyone who doesn't believe the importance of body language check this out... Communication is broken down into three categories. Words - 7% Tonality - 38% Body Language - 55% Best heed the above posts your communication and rapport...
  15. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    The Secret of All Manifestations

    Hi there, I attended a seminar a few weeks ago and just happened to be reviewing some notes I had! I came across a quote I wrote down and wanted to share it with you all. Unfortunately my writing wasn't the best as my hand was moving like a blur. So I don't have the name of the tribe who made...
  16. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    How to Get Motivated: 3 Simple Tips

    Nice post! If you devote time to reading good books, watching good speakers or videos and listening to powerful audio you're bound to Find your passion, get clear and get focused.
  17. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    Questions are King!

    I've got a quick question for you... What if you where capable of achieving absolutely anything? What did you come up with? What you do? Who would you be? Where?? How do you feel? Can you see anything? Hear anything? Taste, Touch Smell? Isn't it crazy how the mind works? A simple question...
  18. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    The Law of Cause and Effect

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to bring your attention to this very essential law. This law dictates, that if you follow the desired cause you must achieve the desired effect. Now how does this apply to your daily lives? It's quite simple, say for example you want to achieve your dream body. If...
  19. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    The Power of Inner-Ability

    Loving this thread! Keep up the powerful material man :)
  20. Cole Erispe-O'Connor

    just ranting..

    Hi there, Rantings all good sometimes we need to just clear the funk going on in our head right? I've gone through the coaching process and have done the self help programs and read the books, and am currently coaching people personally myself :) Here's the deal, sometimes you need...