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    Meditation: Morning or Night?

    do morning and afternoon you will feel much better. in the morning you will be in a pre relaxed state and get much more out of your session, your day will make more sense and more productive. GOOD LUCK.
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    What is your concept on the after-life?

    it is my belief that we are eternal souls constantly re-encarnating until we understand all that we need to, then we go to a higher dimensional being such as jessus or buddah may have been and we can help the lower dimensional being asscend to the same state. I also belive that we have been on...
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    searching the great abyss for answers

    searching the great abyss for answers
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    thanks for your knowledge

    thanks for your knowledge
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    How do I know If I am meditating correctly

    I also had this problem so I searched different forums for ideas and the one that has worked for me so far is to concentrate on only your breathing, as boaring as this is it worked for me. the first time it took about 30min but after regular practice doing this it gets alot quiker. soon you wont...
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    Become your desire ;)

    thank you for your post it was interesting to read, I took some advice from this and decided to try to manifest wealth while in meditation just by thinking it, that was last night - I was just offered a job 30 mins ago from an unexpected and unprovoked source, I am freaking out a little but I...
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    How do I know If I am meditating correctly

    Thank you for your reply and insight I will take this on board, If I may ask another question on manafestations during meditation. I have read a few articles that sugest you can manifest your desire during meditation. I meditated breifly last night roughly 10 -15 mins and tried to manifest...
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    Meditation: Morning or Night?

    I find mornings are best, if I meditate too late at night end up falling asleep.
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    What do you see/feel/hear during meditation?

    I have only just started so Iam a novice but focus on breathing and try to think of nothing, I know this is hard but if it is tried regualy say twice a day for 20-3o mins at the same time each day you will get there. and you will know when.
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    Are there any Christians here? and if so,do you still believe in a coming Christ?

    from what I have seen on the web we may be able to refer to jesus coming back as a christ conciousness - or an awakening within the people. perhapes this would make the world a much better place to live, either way its a win win I would still like to meet JC tho.
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    How do I know If I am meditating correctly

    hello all, I have recently started to meditate within the last few months, Iam not sure if I am doing it right tho. during my last session I was totally calm and at peace however my body or mind/spirit wich ever it is seems to want to go some place else - perhapes further. my body feels as tho...