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  1. mslianne


    I know a lot of people who are atheists. At first I could not bring myself to believe why they choose to believe that no God exists. I felt weirded out and confused. They're still law-abiding citizens and they're not bad people. But now, I've come to the conclusion. I think religion is such a...
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    Anybody here using the net as a marketing medium?

    I love the internet! However, due to it, marketing has been harder and more challenging. Everyone has the Net on their fingertips: it means they can ask questions regarding a certain product and do researches which may not be good depending on your product. They can be cynical wherein they ask...
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    Do You Think You're In The Right Profession?

    I loved it when I was studying to be a nurse. I love the fact that I have the knowledge to take care of my loved ones. I love helping people and I love hearing that they appreciate me helping them. As of right now, though, I also love being a writer and also being a marketing director. :D I...
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    Benefits of Team Building

    I love team building activities. :) The ones I've attended were always focused on organizational activities which also contribute to an individual's development so I've been very fortunate enough to be able to join such activities. Usually, critical-thinking skills are also enhanced as well as...
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    How Did You Meet Your Lover? Share!

    @beingwell: Thanks so much! Wow, you guys have been together for such a long time now! 7 years. My friend has the longest record, though, 10 years! Can you believe it? :D @speedy: Awww, it's so cute how your name is from your husband's nick name for you. :D That's so beautiful! It's like God...
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    How Did You Meet Your Lover? Share!

    Aww, that is so cute! I think the ones we love are sort of the same as we both had lovers who were known to be not that serious in relationships. :) I'm so glad I didn't let prejudice get the better of me, though, as I am the happiest when I am with A. *insert giddy laugh here* Thanks so much...
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    How Did You Meet Your Lover? Share!

    Okay, I'll go first. :D I met A when we were both in college. :D We weren't that close and we didn't click that much because A was more of a dancing troupe member and I'm sort of a journalism club member. Ha! Talk about opposites. :) After an amount of time, we belonged to the same circle of...
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    Truly In Love With A Cousin.

    I agree with you; it manages to make my insides turn over as well. Second-degree cousins aren't really that close of a relationship but lesser than that is just unthinkable for me. Seriously, I treat my sibling and first-degree cousins as siblings and no other type of relationship is possible...
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    Have you ever wished you could alter your image?

    I love myself, I really really do, but sometimes we can't help but wish for a better body or a better skin. As for me, I'd like a more slender body, I guess. I'm a bit curvy, kinda like Christina Hendricks but chubbier. LOL. I don't know, I'd like to be less chubby as most of the clothes I love...
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    Do you ever criticize yourself?

    You are very welcome! And yes, such valuable advice this was. :) I still thank God everyday for giving me wonderful persons in my life. They are truly precious gifts to me and I love them with all my life! I hope that you also benefit from this piece of advice that I have given. :D
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    How can you tell the difference between love and lust?

    Many people confuse love and lust a lot. Sometimes, relationships are only standing because both of them are in lust only, not in love. I guess my explanation for that is this: lust is when you want the person's flesh while love is when you want to be with a person even when no actual intimacy...
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    Do you worry about your money situation?

    I have money troubles as well, though after reading your posts, I find my problem to be less profound. I'm 19, you see, and I have just graduated this April. I want to have a job after graduating but of course I have to pass the boards first. After that I want to teach at a review center (if my...
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    Do you live in the past?

    Of course it's still not late for you to get a college degree! :) It's so hard to doubt ourselves, so having someone to push you in the right direction is a big plus.
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    Do you ever hold hands with your spouse or significant other?

    @radascars: There are endless reasons why your partner may not want to hold hands with you anymore. She may not be in the mood to do so, she may have a problem which is troubling her, maybe you did something that she doesn't approve of so she's upset - the reasons and possibilities are endless...
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    Hello there, everyone! Leave a message if you want so we can chat. :)

    Hello there, everyone! Leave a message if you want so we can chat. :)
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    How can you be sure you are making the right decision?

    Well, one can never be sure if one is making the right decision as decision-making is a very complex critical thinking skill. There will always be two opposing results which can make me feel ambivalent in decision-making. Sometimes, I trust my instinct. Other times, I use the pros and cons...
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    How do you deal with an unethical person?

    Ethics on the job is a particularly important value to me! :mad: I have had this experience of doing a group thesis and being grouped with 2 members who have poor work ethic. I hated every minute of it. They had no initiative at all, and they got credit for what I did. It was a horrible...
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    Do you use aromatherapy to soothe mind and spirit?

    I know, there's nothing like a good environment to get our neurons alive and kicking! :D Personally, I have had the experience of my mood being uplifted due to aromatherapy. I think what I used were Chamomile and Vanilla. Those were really pleasing to my olfactory nerves and I could feel...
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    How Did You Meet Your Love?

    Oh come on, we all know we love sharing stories, especially stories regarding our love. :) I met my love at school. We weren't close at first, since I was an honor student and my love was a member of the dance troupe. :D I know - we're complete opposites. Destiny led its way and we became...
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    Do you ever hold hands with your spouse or significant other?

    I always hold hand with my love. :) I think holding hands is a very personal and intimate gesture, and doing so gives me security and comfort. I am a touchy-feel person as well, so gestures like this, especially spontaneous gestures like this - I find them to be very romantic. :D