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  1. amy005

    Friendship And Exes

    Being friends with my exes has never really worked out for me because most end up trying to date me again. We ended the relationship for a reason. I also have been in a long term relationship, the fact that so many ex's try to be in my life again puts a strain on that relationship. Not worth it...
  2. amy005

    Would you date somebody who has kids?

    I would. I have one myself and although I am engaged and hopefully never end up dating anyone else again ;) I would like to think whoever I date would respect that as well. Also, chances are the older you get the more likely whoever you date will have children! Not saying you are old but it...
  3. amy005

    Being the best you can

    I am trying to be the best mother I can but sometimes feel like I should be doing more. I devote all of my time to my son. But, right now he is a little over 7 months old and still not crawling. I try to help him get there by doing a few different things but none seem to help. Is there something...
  4. amy005

    Another unplanned pregnancy - how to cope up in this kind of situation?

    My first and only pregnancy was unplanned. Although me and my fiancee have talked about kids a lot in the past and already had names picked out. Although the timing may not have been the best, I could not be happier to have my son in my life. I think sometimes God has other plans for us and does...
  5. amy005

    Stop running from your problems

    This is true. I used to have a problem avoiding my problems. They always just got worse! Pretending they do not exist does not help. It just makes the problem end up getting a lot bigger by the time you actually face it.
  6. amy005

    Laughter as the best medicine for children?

    I agree with this. My child is pretty young still, only 6 months old, but even at this age I know that when me and my fiancee are laughing and joking around, it puts my son in a good mood and that makes him want to play and explore things more then when we are stressed out.
  7. amy005

    How could you be a better parent?

    My child is still really young, 6 months old. I spent each and every day with him 24/7 so I feel I am doing pretty good as far as that goes. The one thing I could improve in would probably be to play with him a little more often. I try to stimulate him quite often but sometimes do not think it...
  8. amy005

    Tips for dealing with a breakup?

    I think it all depends on the relationship. With most long term relationships it is hard and good to give yourself some time to deal with your feelings and then move on. However, there are relationships that did not last as long which are easier to move on right away with your life. Especially...
  9. amy005

    Did having kids improve your life?

    Having my son has definitely brought a lot of happiness in my life as well as really put my life into perspective. I realized things I needed to do to improve my life and my sons life. It has motivated me a lot to have better goals as well.
  10. amy005

    Relatioships through Facebook

    Many of us seem to rely on Facebook to communicate with our friends and I have even seen husband and wives fighting on Facebook rather then just talk it out in person. Really? Is this what the world has come to? Do you find yourself communicating more with your friends and family on FB over...
  11. amy005

    Did you always want kids?

    I have 2 nieces and one nephew who are 2,3, and 5. I pretty much fell in love with them all immediately after meeting them and knew right away that I wanted to have kids of my own. Now that I have my own the love I have for him is just amazing and like no other love. I think that no matter what...
  12. amy005

    Finding Love

    I agree, if it is meant to be love will find you. You will not need to spend time looking for it. Also, if someone does not love you for who you are then you have not found the right person. It is a two way street, you have to love the person for who they are, faults and all and they have to do...
  13. amy005

    The Purple People-Needers

    I think most people may think this way simply because humans are social creatures and being a longer is considered different and most fear people who are different or think there may be something wrong. But that does not mean that there is anything wrong with it. I myself prefer a decent amount...
  14. amy005

    Help, how to do improve myself to get better grades?

    Most important things to getting good grades is to not only study, but to allow yourself enough time to study. Make it your number one priority, not the last thing on your list. Allow at least a couple hours a night, and also eat good, healthy meals and get plenty of rest or you will not be able...
  15. amy005

    How do you deal with an argumentative spouse?

    I know how you feel. Me and my fiancee both had parents who constantly argued and both of our fathers were alcoholics. I think that is probably the trigger of the arguing. . I have been affected by the arguing of my parents for sure but hate arguing because I know how it effects the children and...
  16. amy005

    How do I get rid of negative thoughts that make me feel like giving up?

    I think of the end result. The reasons why this project is important to me and what I will accomplish when I have finished. Like if I will be getting paid to do this project I think of how much I need the money and how it will better my life.
  17. amy005

    Best way to conquer our fears?

    For me the best way to do this is to talk about it with someone I can trust. Because once you talk about it it is easier to overcome in my opinion. Other things I think are good to just experience. Many of them are not as scary as we think once we are actually experiencing them. These are things...
  18. amy005

    How good are you in saving money?

    Since I am really not working much other then some projects online, I usually end up saving the majority of my money, my fiancee saves around 30 percent of what he makes and hopes to buy a new car for this winter season that will be more appropriate for MN winters. Unfortunately I do not even...
  19. amy005

    Problems on Dividing Chores For Couples

    For me and my fiancee we both just do chores as we seem them. I stay at home with my baby all day as my fiancee is at work. So I typically will do the dishes and laundry and picking up a bit around the house. When my fiancee gets home he usually is in charge of making dinner since at this time...
  20. amy005

    You Are Most Likely Taking Synthetic Vitamins

    I was thinking the same think actually Yolanda. I was going to say that lady does not seem very credible. But hey you never know. I mean it makes sense that some vitamins may be synthetic. I just don' think I am going to believe one source. Maybe if I did more research on my own ;)