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  1. Gerlie Reyes

    Would You Switch Careers if You Discovered What You Truly Wanted?

    If I was not doing what I truly wanted then I would switch and I recommend that everyone does the same.
  2. Gerlie Reyes

    What makes a good employee?

    A happy and appreciated employee is a good employee.
  3. Gerlie Reyes

    How do you deal with an unethical person?

    Do not surround yourself with unethical people - avoid them at all costs.
  4. Gerlie Reyes

    Do You Think You're In The Right Profession?

    Many people get channeled into jobs that they do not enjoy. If what you do for a living does not make you smile and want to jump out of bed in the morning then CHANGE IT!
  5. Gerlie Reyes

    Have You Ever Considered Starting Your Own Business?

    If you have a desire to help and serve then having your own business can be very rewarding.
  6. Gerlie Reyes

    Have you started to save for the future?

    Saving for the future is a good habit and it becomes more obvious as we grow older and often ignored when we are younger. Try and cultivate the habit early in life and later life will be comfortable.
  7. Gerlie Reyes

    Basic Qualities of an Entrepreneur?

    The most important quality for an entrepreneur is a desire to be of service.
  8. Gerlie Reyes

    How Often Will You Work on a Sunday?

    When we work is a personal decision be it a sabbath or normal day. We must simply follow our conscience and not expect the same of others.
  9. Gerlie Reyes

    Is it weird to constantly look for friends online?

    Friends can be found anywhere and looking for friends is good no matter where we search as long as we are honest and do not expect anything of the other party except the same honesty.
  10. Gerlie Reyes

    Could You Get Involved With Someone Who is Divorced?

    Anyone you meet in any situation should be treated with respect and love. Get to know a person well and in time you will understand them and know if they should just be a friend or something more,
  11. Gerlie Reyes

    Can A Marriage Survive Without Sex?

    Early in a marriage sex is one of the most important factors but as time passes the spiritual connection becomes the most important factor.
  12. Gerlie Reyes

    Would you date somebody who has kids?

    Dating is a process of getting to know someone and becoming friends and maybe more. What that person has in the past or carries forward with them into the future is just a part of the getting to know process.
  13. Gerlie Reyes

    How Important Is Friendship?

    Friendship is one of the basics of life and should be treated as a sacred gift and never abused. Treat everyone as a friend and treat them as you would wish to be treated.
  14. Gerlie Reyes

    Is a big wedding important to you?

    What is important in planning a wedding is that both parties are happy with it. marriage is all about compromise and compromise comes from discussion and trust.
  15. Gerlie Reyes

    Can Jealousy Be Vital For A Successful Relationship?

    Jealousy in a relationship is not a good emotion and can break down a relationship. It is the product of uncertainty and so should be shared and worked on together.
  16. Gerlie Reyes

    What Habit do You Want to Form?

    Habits tend to form themselves - often the ones that we and others notice are bad habits but we all have good habits too. The trick is to identify both and work on increasing the good habits and eliminate the bad habits.
  17. Gerlie Reyes

    How to overcome laziness

    The best cure for any bad habit is to face it, acknowledge it and then make a conscious mental and physical effort to overcome it. Most people are not lazy! They may not like doing some things or may be afraid of challenges or lack motivation but this is not laziness although many people may...
  18. Gerlie Reyes

    What is Personal Development?

    To be what we are capable of being and so become a complete and happy person we need to work on our attitudes and habits. They need to be aligned with our true purpose and lead us towards our hopes and dreams. Personal Development is a process that can assist us to make the changes we need to...