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  1. PennySafe

    Is Virginity a Total DealBreaker for Guys?

    I am an older (30s) virgin until marriage, and not ashamed. However I do have a fear that I won't find anyone who will stick around knowing that there is no physical activity before marriage. My thought is that if you are serious about marriage, then why can't you wait it out when you can...
  2. PennySafe

    Any Real Estate Investors or Landlords?

    I am tentatively interested in generating cash flow through real estate, eventually. Have any of you invested in homes to rent out? How has your experience been? I imagine that I would prefer to pay for a house upfront so that I won't have to put any of the rent money towards a mortgage.
  3. PennySafe

    Has Anyone Tried Binary Trading Options?

    I just recently learned about binary trading. I've always been intimidated by the stock market because I don't have a finance or business background. It has seemed a little too complicated for me to understand. However, binary trading sounds like an easier concept because you either win or...