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  1. mslianne

    How Did You Meet Your Lover? Share!

    Okay, I'll go first. :D I met A when we were both in college. :D We weren't that close and we didn't click that much because A was more of a dancing troupe member and I'm sort of a journalism club member. Ha! Talk about opposites. :) After an amount of time, we belonged to the same circle of...
  2. mslianne

    How Did You Meet Your Love?

    Oh come on, we all know we love sharing stories, especially stories regarding our love. :) I met my love at school. We weren't close at first, since I was an honor student and my love was a member of the dance troupe. :D I know - we're complete opposites. Destiny led its way and we became...
  3. mslianne

    Who Here Procrastinates A Lot?

    I'm sure all of you are very familiar with the term procrastination. :) Simply put, it means putting off important tasks to a later time instead of doing it straight up, so we tend to do idle things first before accomplishing the activities which are supposed to be prioritized. I was taught...