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  1. radascars

    Balancing time between you and your love one

    Hi there again guys I've been thinking it for a very long time, I mean how did you balance your time with your self working, playing games or having a leisure time with your self and giving time with your girlfriend or with your wife/husband? I honestly say that I am paying much attention to...
  2. radascars

    Good mood for better health

    Your mood is directly connected to your health and your health is openly associated to your mood. If you think about it you’ll find out that when you’re unwell don't you also feel junky? If you’re experiencing headache aren't you more likely to be complaining? If you're angry all the time you're...
  3. radascars

    What inspires you to be positive?

    In the modern age we have in our daily lives being positive and optimism can sometimes left out due to daily frustrations and crisis that we experience, in other words positivity and optimism are forgotten. Being appreciative pausing just to see a flower and think positive, a clever mickey...
  4. radascars

    Bipolar Disorder (My Experience)

    Hi there everyone I am going to share some experiences of taking care a Bipolar Patient. First of all we need to understand what Bipolar Disorder means, Bipolar disorder is a medical condition that affects the brain, giving you periods of extremely high mood and periods of very low mood...
  5. radascars

    How do you deal yourself with stress?

    Hi there guys, lately I felt like I'm having a lot of stress due to my working hours and earning extra income after work. And it makes me feel growing old too fast. So what I am asking, how do you deal yourself with stress? What do you do when you feel like giving up due to stress?
  6. radascars

    Religious Differences in Relationship

    Is your Religion is a big factor in your relationship? If you love someone and you know that you are in different beliefs when it comes to your religion, would you give up your own belief and show to her/him that you are willing to sacrifice that for the sake of your relationship and love? What...
  7. radascars

    Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

    How many times were you recommended to think positively? Probably so many times take that as a cliche that you no longer take into consideration. How many people manage to mobilize and to see the best of any situation?Less and less everyday. We constantly forget about the great power positive...
  8. radascars

    Moving On After Painful Breakup

    After I read this man's story Personal-Development "Relationship Section" I recall all of my experiences before after having a really bad relationship. I ask my self how did I manage to move one after that? And here are some of my answers on how to move on after painful break up. If you know...
  9. radascars

    Effective Ways to be Happy

    Many of the people are getting difficulties to attain happiness due to financial problem, physical disabilities and emotional stress. I know that those kinds are very hard to divert. As I experienced severe Depression before to the point that my doctor prescribed me to take anti-depressants. I...
  10. radascars

    How to Know If Your Relationship is Failing.

    Love, for me is the most powerful emotion a man can feel and experience, which explains the fact as to why it is called endless. Love has the prerogative to make you feel the highest highs and the lowest lows in your life. While falling in love is all so unique and blissful, the failing of a...