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  1. tomasoberg

    My book

    Hey I just want to share my autobiografi Im working on. It will be complete done in swedish and in print before Christmas. My plan is to translate the hole book into english as well. Its about me and my life. Drugs, fights, my feelings, my "fights" inside myself, lost love, dreams fulfilled...
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    Whats your thoughts on.....

    Whats your thoughts on? I wont say mine yet, because I want you to form your own opinion.
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    Thoughts on mentorship

    Yesterday a 19 years old guy approached me and asked me to be hes mentor. Ive had mentors in all different forms for many years. I know what ive learned from other people and what it meant for me. Some of the people who has been my mentors dosnt even know it. Ive got inspired from their...
  4. tomasoberg

    You can’t just ignore loneliness.

    What about feeling lonely? You can’t just ignore loneliness. It’s hard coded into your brain. “Feeling lonely is as painful as being wildly hungry or thirsty. If human brains evolved at a time when social cohesion meant survival, while social isolation meant starvation, predation, and certain...
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    Different ways to discovering your strengths

    Do you know your strengths/natural talents ? I found one good way to find them out : "Strength finder test" Ask people who are close to you, that you can trust then telling you the truth. Anyone got any other good technique , idea or tool to use ?
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    Follow your dreams or....?

  7. tomasoberg

    What do you want? - 4 min video

    What do you want?
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    Darkest Before The Dawn - Self biography : Audio book

    Could someone take away this post please :)
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    Do you think for yourself ? - 4 min Video

    Do you think for yourself ? if not , who does? Who decides? Why does this person decide?
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    Situational awareness - 2 min video explanation

    Situational awareness how to be in the present moment This is a super simple technique to become more aware of the present. Just take a your phone or a clock, put the timer on 20 mins. Head out for a walk, then instead of walking your normal speed. Cut it in half and start to notice the things...
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    How to stop negative thoughts - 2,5 min video

    How to stop negative thoughts This is one of the simplest techniques I know of to be more aware of your negative thoughts and actually stop them. I do not recommend this method for everyone, so you just have to think for yourself. So this is how you do it: You take your index finger and...
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    My Life Story – Darkest Before The Dawn

    My Life Story – Darkest Before The Dawn Quick bio of my life, Im writing a self biography this is just a quick intro to it and what its going to be about.
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    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone - 4 min video

    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone Enjoy!
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    Thank You Listeners

    Thank You Listeners!
  15. tomasoberg

    Change Your Behavior - 4 min video

    Change Your Behavior There is many ways to change a behavior and a patterns in your mind. This one is just for you to become more aware of what your doing, that you can change it, and how you should see it. This is one simple way of being aware of that you can change your behavior and your...
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    How I change with help of pain - 6 min video

    How I change with help of pain Enjoy
  17. tomasoberg

    How to change your mood instantly - 4 min video

    How to change your mood INSTANT with this easy technique. Do you want to know the secret of switching mood instant? I tell you all about one I know!, Its called anchoring and its used in NLP The basic of it is to connect your a certain touch with a certain feeling . Its super easy, just...
  18. tomasoberg

    Positive thinking techniques - 4 min video

    To start with Happy new year ! Change your altitude instant with this little trick What are you reflecting with your mind and body ? What are you “sending out to the world”? I look at it this way; The things you send out you will get back. And what I mean by send out, think about your...
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    why set goals? - 7 min video

    why set goals? Well its very easy from my point. I usually think about Im a ship on the ocean. Im the ship The ocean is life The ship I want to have a captain on my ship that can navigate I want to have a map to know where to stair I want to be able to find my treasure I want to be able to...
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    What does success mean to you - 3 min video

    What does success mean to you Whats your definition of success? Dont have one? this will give you some ideas how to get one Most people when I hear them talk about success they always referring to money and fame. But its not our fault, the society has painted it up that way. My definition of...