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  1. kathyjoyce

    Have Full Confidence in your Ability

    Great video Joe! I find the best way to override self doubt is as you rightly say, to ignore it and carry on. Even if results seem to be taking a long time, just do something every day to work towards your goals.
  2. kathyjoyce

    How to speed up your manifestations

    Hi Nha, I find writing your goals on post it notes helps, as long as they stick to the fridge door or laptop! I have also experienced ideas that pop into my head and always seem to come after mentally asking for help. Affirmations are also great.
  3. kathyjoyce

    Does the Law of attraction create feelings of lack?

    I agree Tomasoberg, just thinking about things you want and hoping they'll come to won't work without action. I find the best idea is to work out exactly what you want and create a daily action plan to get you there. You also need to believe your goal is possible, and keep an optimistic outlook...
  4. kathyjoyce

    Gratitude and Wealth

    I totally agree. Just taking a few minutes each day to think about all the things and people you have in your life will help bring your goals closer. It puts out positive vibrations into the universe which attracts positive vibrations. like attracts like...
  5. kathyjoyce

    What do you have for breakfast?

    I always start the day with a bowl of muesli topped with sliced banana. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it gives your body much needed energy to get through the morning without the desire to snack on unhealthy foods.
  6. kathyjoyce

    Master The Law Of Attraction in Five Easy Steps

    Yes I agree, you really have to believe in your mind that what you want is already in your life. If you can't then you have to question if you really want it in the first place. The belief you can achieve it also has to be strong otherwise you may find you're self sabotaging your efforts.
  7. kathyjoyce

    The Power of Affirmations

    Affirmations are a fantastic way to raise your level of vibration, and you can simply say them to yourself mentally throughout the day. One thing to bear in mid though is that you have to believe what you're affirming is possible. Any slight negative thoughts creeping into your mind could...
  8. kathyjoyce

    Keeping it Simple! That's the Key

    I agree. You have to focus on the good things in your life, no matter how simple they may seem. Keep a happy, optimistic outlook and you'll attract positive people and situations into your life.
  9. kathyjoyce

    how Do I Stop Procrastinating? Tools or Advice?

    I find a good idea to stop procrastinating is to create a to do list for the day and tick each task off when complete. Only move on to the next when you've finished the previous task. You also need to know your long term goal and why it's important for you to achieve it. Before I started doing...
  10. kathyjoyce

    Easy And Practical Ways To Increase Self Esteem.

    Self esteem can be developed through pushing yourself a little and leaving your comfort zone. Helping others in small ways each day is also a great way. You don't need their thanks but you feel good for having made a difference.
  11. kathyjoyce

    4 Tips to Getting A Great Day's Start

    I don't have children so not experienced the chaos! However I do find that a short 10 minute meditation before you start work can help you stay calm and focused.
  12. kathyjoyce

    Just 30 minutes a day: Regular exercise relieves asthma symptoms

    Exercise is so important for maintaining good health. It doesn't have be strenuous, as walking at a fast pace can strengthen your heart and lungs as well as lower blood pressure. It's also great for lifting your mood and boosting energy.
  13. kathyjoyce

    How to be an attractive person?

    I think being attractive means loving yourself and having compassion for others. Having a positive outlook and loving yourself for who you you are will raise your level of vibration, attracting positive, and likewise attractive people towards you. You can become more powerful by developing self...
  14. kathyjoyce

    Here's My Favorite Motivational Video - What's Yours..

    Not heard of Les Brown, but very motivating video! I agree that watching a lot of the news on tv can make you feel negative, so I am very selective in what I watch. I don't think we're born negative though. It's conditioning from well meaning parents, and associating with negative thinking...
  15. kathyjoyce

    Boosting self-confidence

    Making a list of your achievements, no matter how small, as well as your strengths is a great way to boost your confidence. Also not giving yourself a hard time if you make mistakes.
  16. kathyjoyce

    Crisis and opportunity

    Yes I agree. Going through a crisis can bring a lot of positive opportunities. It makes you take action out of necessity, though you may not always get the chance to be prepared.
  17. kathyjoyce

    Why Writing In A Journal Can Change Your Life

    I have been in the habit of writing down my goals for the next day, not matter how late at night. It's literally the last thing I do before I turn off my laptop. The following day I work my way through this list, ticking off each item when accomplished. I also try and set time goals, as this...
  18. kathyjoyce

    What do I want to do in my life?

    Try and work out a plan of action that will get you to your goal of owning a bar. What skills do you have that you use to build an income part time? Sounds like you have good people skills as you work in a bar. But before you even do that I would suggest writing down all the things you enjoy...
  19. kathyjoyce

    Can seem to take real action...

    It can be very hard to stick to your goals, but you could try identifying your true motivation. By that I mean how would it feel if you didn't reach them? The desire has to be strong enough to keep going when you get family problems, you don't feel well, or you just feel overwhelmed. I find that...