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    Fixing my bad posture (Rounded shoulders and APT)

    I have the same problem and many years of gaming. I know what the correct sitting posture is, however it's very uncomfortable for me to maintain it for very long. I"m guessing there are back exercises to do to help but I haven't looked into it like I should, I've focused more on aerobic exercises.
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    This probably might be a coincidence.

    Yeah probably doesn't mean anything but never know if she thinks about you. Hard to forget high school crushes, I'm pretty old and haven't.
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    How do I make a beautiful woman invest in the conversation and how do I deal with the boyfriend line?

    Ok if she is lying about having a "real" boyfriend then perhaps she just thinks it's less hurtful way of rejection. Rejection sucks anyway it comes. What I dislike is finding out long after she's been real friendly. I asked a girl out once weeks after we took lots of work breaks together and...
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    How do I make a beautiful woman invest in the conversation and how do I deal with the boyfriend line?

    Makes sense. If she wants to limit herself to the one guy for sex, move on. The sooner you know, the less time you’re wasting.
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    Helping Parents and Reuniting with Family

    You can have a talk with your sister but people often don't change, and you may have already tried that. I definitely encourage you to seek out other government programs your parents may be eligible for including senior centers that can provide advice. I would hate to see them losing out on...
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    Ideas for exercises

    Ok. You might try posting your question at or Just not too many people that bother to post here and help others, rather just read stuff.
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    How do I make a beautiful woman invest in the conversation and how do I deal with the boyfriend line?

    I'm far from an expert but will share my thoughts. If the girl has a boyfriend and senses at all that you're hitting on her, it's natural for her to slip that in as a clue to not waste your time. If she can see you're cool with it, then she's more likely to relax into the conversation. Maybe...
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    Why does this vicious cycle keep happening with me?

    I think the frustration on things like this is normal. Sometimes best to just break away when that happens, come back to it later or the next day with a fresh mind. Take a walk and come back. Or try a really different approach. Like instead of Google, try searching Reddit. Or find a forum with...
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    Ideas for exercises

    Here's a pyramid version of Maslows, it might be based on that?'s_Hierarchy_of_Needs.jpg I think you are supposed to identify where your current primary needs are personally. Like what levels starting from the bottom...
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    How do I make a beautiful woman invest in the conversation and how do I deal with the boyfriend line?

    I know what you mean. Perhaps the tensing up is not from preparing for sex, rather rejection anxiety based upon past experiences? I think it's pretty common for a lot of guys, and just makes it even harder if the women is so hot that she has guys after her all the time. I think better to have a...
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    How to figure out what to do in life

    It's nice to have longer-term goals but only if we are willing to change them as our life progresses. You can be your own worst enemy if you have the attitude of "it's decided and I'm committed". If I had kept my original goal, I'd have been in a different career that I think I'd have enjoyed...
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    What is the best way to increase passive income?

    I'd say split into both, cash account with interest for emergency savings you might need on short-notice, and the rest in a safe index fund. I've been in a large cap index fund for years and has been a good choice. Your age matters here too. The older you are, the more caution and readiness to...
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    New User Seeking Financial Advice

    Hi, just post any specific questions you have and possibly someone might respond. And be sure to follow the rules at
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    I don't see the point in working hard at my day job

    A good reason to work hard (or at least work smart and effectively) is that many employers will want to talk to your last manager as part of a reference check process and ask about you. I've doing a lot of hiring as a manager, and that reference check can really make a difference if you're one...
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    Changing My Self Image

    This one is good: It helps to know that many people are feeling exactly the same way despite appearances, I didn't realize see that until later in life...
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    Breaking up

    You're welcome. The other thing that might help is when something is bothering you, probe and ask yourself if it's thoughts or is it emotions. They don't necessarily align, e.g. your mind knows he's not a good thing for you but your emotions run loose on it anyway. If it's emotions, rather...
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    Changing My Self Image

    That's no easy thing to solve, I'm still on that path myself. It helps some to refine "shy" as "an introvert" and learning to understand that is not negative thing. It can help to read one of the books out there on how introverts work. You can be "quiet" but not "shy" meaning, you're not afraid...
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    Breaking up

    Good for you! It sounds to me like you did the right thing, that behavior is not normal or acceptable. You're lucky to get out after just 8 months. I knew several people who discovered problems only after their marriage, and ended up with ugly divorces. Regarding hurting your self-esteem...
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    Do you guys know what this mean?

    It could mean a lot of things, and trying to guess is often a bad idea. It could be a momentary thought that has no real significance. And trying to find meaning is usually a bad idea and often we are wrong. Take these things as an opportunity. It's an opportunity to smile back and send a...
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    Family Issues

    I suppose you have to ask yourself if it's worth it just because of the family relationship, to some it apparently means very little. A good friend of mine's sister tricked their aging mother with dementia into writing him out of the will, and was slowly siphoning off her money. and spending it...