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  1. bright_light

    The Fear of Getting Old

    Getting old is something inevitable. It will certainly come. How do you see yourself, say 30 to 40 years from now? Do you feel some fear within when you think about it?
  2. bright_light

    Letting go of pent-up feelings

    I guess we all have feelings of guilt, anger, hurt, and may be even a secret love. We can't shout back at our boss without risking our long-time job, and we just can't simply shrug off guilt feelings. Repressed emotions give us a heavy chest especially if they have been there for a long time...
  3. bright_light

    If you're going to live your life all over again

    If you were given the chance to live your life all over again, what is it that you're going to change? My being a perfectionist. I'll openly accept that as a human being, I commit mistakes, delays, and other shortcomings. I should not expect too much of myself and from other people. We all...