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  1. tomasoberg

    Realizing what kind of person you are

    Thanks for sharing, your though and brave for sure. This is my spin on it, is it right for you? f*** no. Should you listen to it 100%? no way in hell. dont believe it. You have to do your own thing. I can only share my story and my thoughts. I had huge problems before, I always find fault...
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    A great idea

    Yea or make a decision not to.
  3. tomasoberg

    A great idea

    Everyone has an world changing idea, no doubt about it. its not about the idea, its about the decision.
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    My book

    A short part from another chapter in the book. The "hardass" I grew up in the small town of Köping. Some family members and a few of my close friends still live there. Once in a while I go up there and see them. I think it's important to hold onto certain relationships. It's always a...
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    My book

    Thank you for your words. I appreciate it .
  6. tomasoberg

    My book

    Thank you :) glad you like it. Yea I will post other chapters , for sure. This is just the beginning :)
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    how Do I Stop Procrastinating? Tools or Advice?

    You know you are one, thats the "tool" you need. How do you solve it ? Be honest with yourself its the most important thing. What iam procrastinating about ? is it my "goal" or "life mission" ? health? I have no idea what your procrastinating about, but if you thought it was important you...
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    My book

    01/12/2015 The angel came forward and said she would come home and feel how it was between us. I was extremely concerned when she wrote this, and I got some kind of hope. What I felt was that I should meet her at the airport because I wanted it to be us again. She was left in my heart and I...
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    My book

    Glad to hear it can help, I will keep posting from the book then ! This is just from one chapter of the book. got 4 more :)
  10. tomasoberg

    My book

    Thank you :) Thats the "tone" of the hole book. glad you like it and tell me :)
  11. tomasoberg

    My book

    Thank you @J E Roberson :)
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    My book

    Hey I just want to share my autobiografi Im working on. It will be complete done in swedish and in print before Christmas. My plan is to translate the hole book into english as well. Its about me and my life. Drugs, fights, my feelings, my "fights" inside myself, lost love, dreams fulfilled...
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    Whats your thoughts on.....

    Whats your thoughts on? I wont say mine yet, because I want you to form your own opinion.
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    Can someone help me?

    I have been checking in and out the last times just to try to get my mind thinking. I havnt participated in any discussions witch for me is weird, but it feels good just to observe at the moment . well back to the subject, You gave me hope Daniel and i will be visit this page more often. I love...
  15. tomasoberg

    Does the Law of attraction create feelings of lack?

    After "the secret" everyone has gone nuts about "the law of attraction". If people actually read books instead they would know its not anything ground breaking new. The first thing that pops in my mind with law of attraction is people who think they can think there way into a healthy life...
  16. tomasoberg

    How to get good at talking to girls

    hey ! the videos dosnt work
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    Can someone help me?

    Hi , everyone has a good angle on it. I will look from it in another one. I would say. ask yourself why the F*** you are acting that way. Do you find joy in it ? do you feel empowered by it ? is it something you picked up? Or is it that way you are ? Does it actually do "bad things"? I mean...
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    Any good Self Development books you recommend reading?

    Read your own past. thats probably the best personal development book you can ever read.
  19. tomasoberg

    Push Me - Personal Developers

    great job @Matthew looks good ! Hope your doing good :
  20. tomasoberg

    Input on my situation?

    Hi @Sarah starling Its a big thing to open up in the forum. Great work, keep it up! You can hear many people out here but try to listen to yourself and what you want. I will give you my view on it. Everyone has a good point here. The thing i strongly believe in is : WORK OVER TIME. That...