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    Experiences with mastermind groups?

    Hey guys, are any of you in a mastermind Group or want to build one? What are your experiences? I want to join or create one, but I think if u just meet over the Internet it is quiet hard so achieve optimal results. Greetings
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    Still looking for a good career

    Hi guys, my career is my biggest concern/challenge when it Comes to selfimprovement so far and it also influences my other Areas a Little bit (finances and relationship). After I finished School, I made a Bachelor in Physiotherapie/Health Management. I was always interested in health and sports...
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    Hello from Germany

    Hey, my Name is jay and I am from Germany. I am 31 years old and currently work as a key accountant for a health insurance (one of the things I want to improve). Since my early twenties I am into self improvement. I was unhappy with my apprentice and read a lot of books and articles. I did help...