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    Morning Green Smoothie Recipe's

    vanilla vegan protein powder, banana, mango, and some greens. Or the traditional banana, berries (any kind) with greens and a protein (powder, chia, hemp seeds)
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    Recipes you are using for meals through the whole week.

    Beans and a grain life quinoa and brown rice. I can make chili, a vegetarian taco, soups.
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    Health Benefits of Jumping.

    I'll go buy a trampoline :)
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    Foods That Can Help Fight Depression

    Don't forget fruit! They give a natural sugar high and because they are more dense in calories, they really satisfy you.
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    You have to love yourself before you can love someone else

    Do you think that it's necessary to love yourself before you can love someone else? Or do you think that these are two independent things?
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    The benefits that came from your toughest moments

    A lot of people complain when they're going through a hard time. And rightfully so. It's definitely not always easy. But I do believe that these challenging times are necessary and that when we encounter them, we on our way to something amazing (a new skill, a new perspective, a new life, etc)...
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    Theory in positivity and productiveness

    Take a break is so important for mind, body, and spirit. But if you find burn out is happening a lot, maybe you can tweak your schedule to prevent it from happening as often
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    Where am I going with my life?

    Just get it done. Who cares if you don't know what you're doing. I had no idea what I was doing when I started blogging. I just done a little bit everyday and after a couple weeks I started seeing results. Start doing research, start asking questions, and make the investment. And then do it :)...
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    Awesome idea. I'll try it :)
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    That's awesome! I never thought of saying them slowly and really listening to each word. I feel that make it resonate within you on another level. Thanks for the tip!
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    I love your perspective. And its true what you're saying. There probably isn't any point in affirming anything to yourself if you don't believe. I have heard people say that after they repeated their affirmations so many times, they began to believe it. On the other hand, there is a bit of...
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    Simplicity is beautiful :)
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    Law of Attraction: Looking tips

    There is so much info out there that it can get pretty overwhelming! What works best for me is to not be "in resistance" to whatever comes my way. I guess, you are aware and accept whatever the outcome may be which gives you the most desirable outcome. If that makes sense... lol
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    Nice ! :)
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    Empty but nice period

    Now I understand! And there is no harm with getting rid of meaningless relationships either.
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    How do you stay motivated?

    Here is a small piece of advice on how to stay motivated: Also, I believe in taking breaks. A few days or even weeks if you want to.
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    Mindfulness on breath - why so unpleasant?

    If you get more out of your meditation by focusing on things other than your breath, keep doing that. Maybe try to focus on your breath for 1 or 2 cycles at a time, notice how you feel and work your way up if you can.
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    Should parents help a teen make career choices or leave it up to the teen?

    Let the teen make their on decisions. Parents should encourage them and follow their heart. If they make the "wrong" choice, they'll learn on their own. Parents just need to be there for them.
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    Vegetarian child

    You shouldn't have to explain why he doesn't eat meat. Instead, focus on helping him understand why he eats fruits and veggies.
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    Punishments / consequences

    discipline versus punishments. Punishment may involve yelling and spanking which can be traumatic to a child. Discipline, however, teaches kids what is wrong and is most effective when you use (natural) consequences. Your teenager refuses to wear a coat outside on a winter day? Natural...