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    Site upgrade

    The site has been upgraded to a new version, so you'll notice some changes and may need to login again. Unfortunately the navigation will be a little different than before and nothing I can do about it, but hopefully is a smoother experience rather than worse. Logging in from social networks...
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    Success Principles Survey Results

    How do you define success? I was asked to share the survey results from some interesting analysis someone did. Please see and share any thoughts you have or your own unique definition of success.
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    Impact of income and academic achievement on brain development

    Interesting study at that shows the greater acaedmic opportunities from a higher income actually creates a thicker cortex in the brain area associated with visual perception and knowledge accumulation...
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    Acetaminophen impact on happiness

    A new study is all over the news, about this, here's a couple: and Fairly interesting, the Acetaminophen pain reliever can be used to...
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    Four personal qualities article

    Interesting article at which cites four critical personal qualities of persistence, courage, patience, and sociability. These are all of course very important qualities. I think it would be interesting to...
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    Wishing all a happy new year!

    Thank you all that have visited these forums and participated, whether to help others, seek advice, or both. I hope each of you have a great 2015 and are able to continue the state of happiness and success you deserve, with a positive outlook. I challenge each of you to reach out to at least...
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    Free eLearning Courses

    There's a lot of great free eLearning courses out there, money challenges doesn't need to stand in the way of developing your knowledge if you have access to the Internet. I want to share a nice list of such courses I found posted at...
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    Posting rules

    Posting rules can be found at or click on "Terms and Rules" in the lower right corner. An important section is this: Advertising links in the signature are only allowed for forum members who are clearly making an effort to participate in...
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    Stop Waiting!

    Look for areas in your life where you are mentally waiting on something or someone before you can achieve what you want. Our minds often want to create excuses and dependencies on external things before we can achieve our happiness. While it's true that things can't happen instantly, we want...
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    Using Mindfulness

    Does anyone else here really like and use "mindfulness" techniques, whether as a way of thinking or meditation? It's been one of the more effective tools for improving my own level of happiness and effectiveness. The books by Eckhart Tolle seemed very aligned with this concept and helpful...
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    Anxiety and medicine like Xanax

    Interesting new article called the Age of Anxiety. It's amazing to me that 48.8 million prescriptions were written in the US for a medicine called Xanax. I just don't get it, anxiety is just part of being human, we have to pop a pill for everything? I recognize that some people truly have...
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    How to get happy fast

    If you're down, how do you like to "get happy fast"? There's a great list of 20 ways here. I've used some of these methods but I know there are more. How about a favorite pet, my dog always lends a sympathetic ear! Or how about even meeting like minded people in forums? :cool:
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    Green superfoods

    Anyone else use a "Green superfood"? I use one called Green Vibrance. I don't sell the stuff nor am I an affiliate, it just seems like a good product and has increased my energy level. I used to use the product from Amazing Grass, another excellent product but less types of things in it...
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    Importance of people skills

    It's important in most all careers to have strong people skills. I think too many people either underestimate it's importance, or assume they have better skills than they do. There are three areas that are all important 1) interacting with the public/customers, 2) interacting with your...
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    Alec’s Amazing Anthology of Aphorisms

    Compiled by Alec Roe Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Cooperation is doing with a smile what you have to do anyway. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the most of...
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    Mr. Carolina Cool

    You sit there so calm and debonair, Basking in the sun, Posing for your fans, Like a movie star King in the National Enquirer, Ears slicked back, Gucci eye wear slipping off the end of your nose, Ripples of ocean waves, Reflected back into your designer sunglasses, Not a care in the world...
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    Distant Memories

    Light refracted through the weathered window pane, Like a great display of the Northern Lights, Multi colors bent and blended through the glass, In all shades of the spectrum, Illuminated by our primary energy source, the sun, The room stands empty and cold now, Vacant and lifeless after many...
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    Instant Gratification

    Soft and creamy, Silky smooth, Rich with intense flavors, Secure and held in place, Assisted by the tongue, Salivating on contact, Slowly melting on the roof of the mouth, Gliding down the narrow passage way of the throat, Thick, like molten lava, Flowing from an active volcano, Forced along...
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    The Scale of the Universe is pretty amazing to look at, and the best thing I've ever seen that can give you a feel for the scale of the universe from the tiniest to the largest. It seems hard to believe all of this complexity could exist without some sort of creator behind it?
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    Laughter as the best medicine for children?

    An interesting new study was posted by which shows laughter in children can activate parts of their brain which can improve their well being and resilience. I've always felt laughter has positive health benefits so doesn't come as much surprise to me. I think most children...