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  1. clauemi

    Suggestoins for crafts and profjects with my kids?

    I want to start doing some stuff with my kids but I'm not really the artsy type so I'm looking for suggestions. My kids are 3 and 2 so I'm looking for something not too messy and that's easy for them participate in. We also live in an apartment building so outdoor crafts are limited, we have a...
  2. clauemi

    What's the hardest thing you have ever had to do?

    I think mine would be when I finally left my ex husband. We had a very bad relationship so it was the best thing to do but it was extremely hard because we have two kids together. I felt like a hundred emotions going through me at that time but I am glad it's over with.
  3. clauemi

    Do you ever feel like you are losing your memory?

    Lately I've had these moments when I am walking to go get something and once I get there I've forgotten what it is. Sometimes I forget almost instantly right after I have just though about it. Or I want to mention something to someone and once I see them I forget what it was. I guess this...
  4. clauemi

    Why do you celebrate christmas?

    A lot of people know that the 25th of Dec. is not when Jesus was born and that the real date is not know. So to those people I want to ask why you still celebrate it even though you know it's the wrong date? Also the Bible says we should commemorate Jesus death and not his birth. Yeah there...
  5. clauemi

    funny moment while exercising

    I was just looking at youtube for some different types of exercise I could do to change up my routine and I found some dance videos for Pussycat dolls music and decided to try it out. Me and my kids live with my parents and I usually exercise when my parents are out. I was all dancing and...
  6. clauemi

    do you carry a cross around your neck?

    I don't carry a cross or have anything in my home that symbolizes it. Not because I don't believe that Jesus was murdered that way but because I believe that Jesus is no longer at that cross. He was resurrected and therefore no longer hanging from a cross. A lot of people I see with a cross...
  7. clauemi

    bombarded while shopping

    So yesterday I went to do a little shopping for my kids winter clothes and right when I was about to line up to check out I am approached by first sales associate. She was offering some kind of special on photos packages and I just did not find the heart to say no so I ended up signing up for...
  8. clauemi

    I feel sooo tired when I wake up

    It's not just that small time frame before you get your day going but it goes on throughout the day. I don't oversleep or under sleep, I get about 7 hours. I also quit drinking pop cause I read somewhere that the caffeine makes you tired, don't life coffee. This just recently started so I...
  9. clauemi

    Ex husband is not involved in my kids lives

    Well he helps me out financially but other than that he is not much of a dad to my kids. He says he loves them but does not spend time with them. Or actually the only time he comes by to see them is when he is feeling lonely. So he just uses them to get over his loneliness but then where do...
  10. clauemi

    Is a big wedding important to you?

    Well when my ex husband and I got married all we did was go to the court house and sign, no family, no wedding dress, not even a ring. Not because I did not want to or because we did not have the money for at least a simple ceremony but because he did not think it was important. It made me...