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  1. denydritz

    New Gal Here! Hey Awesome Peeps! (✿◠‿◠)

    Hey TabbyCat, nice to meet you. Your personality and energy certainly is visible through your writing :) What's your blog's address?
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    This probably might be a coincidence.

    I would say it doesn't mean anything :giggle: "Apophenia, seeing apparently meaningful connections between unrelated patterns."
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    What is your biggest challenge when to building confidence?

    Confidence comes from competence, being able to do what you want to do. The more you do it, the more confident you become. If you want to be more confident in social interactions where you're asking for something, then keep doing it. You could learn certain words and phrases that are more...
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    Why does this vicious cycle keep happening with me?

    I think here is your problem: get frustrated very quickly for not finding the answer. What if it takes you several hours of learning, or more, to find the answer, but once you do find the answer, you know what to do with clear instructions? Would you do it? I often see that people are attached...
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    How to figure out what to do in life

    Simon Sinek's book "Start With Why" can help you fast track that epiphany :) It can help you find your WHY and see that the many and confusing ideas you have may all come from one source - your passion. If you don't know your passion, the things you do can be blurry and not connect with each...
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    how do I improve myself?

    Hi @anindya Do you mean to say that you focus more on the stuff that's not important? Then focusing on the stuff that's important should be simple; shift your focus to what's important :) Since you can already focus on some things, move that focus to the things that are important. I want to...
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    How to Ignite Sustainable Motivation (Updated with Links)

    It's possible to always want to do and enjoy the activities that raise your happiness and wealth, when we have clarity about the benefits of what we do. Motivation is necessary when we're not clear about the benefits, so we rely on "pushing" to make us move. But when we're clear about the...
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    Should i text my ex happy birthday

    The fact that you have to ask whether to text him or not means the relationship is not over for you, or it still have an effect on you. If you text him in this condition, it could trigger further "bad" things happening in the relationship. I would only text him if you are completely free from...
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    Do you guys know what this mean?

    It means she was throwing away something in the trash, and she was smiling at you while she had her hands in her head. In other words: we have no idea what it means :) If you're curious, go to her and start a conversation, rather than guessing without an end.
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    I don't see the point in working hard at my day job

    Hm, I understand your thinking. There is no immediate benefit of working hard, when there is no incentive for you to work hard. There's nothing wrong with this mindset, per se. However, it's correct that your performance may become a reference for a future job. If you're in this job as a...
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    Why is it that I can't figure anything out myself?

    I want to comment on this specific part. It's OK to "lose time" figuring things out, because once you figure it out, you make a breakthrough in understanding. For example, Thomas Alva Edison didn't "lose time" figuring out light bulbs; once he understood it, it became a major breakthrough. And...
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    I hate daily routines. Is that okay?

    A daily routine and a daily schedule, the way I see it, are two different things. A routine can be done during a certain time of day, like a morning routine. A daily schedule involves all the tasks you want to do for the day. If you feel excited about tomorrow by planning tonight, then continue...
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    Success Principles

    It sounds like you are trapped into thinking that there is a 'perfect' path to your purpose. Are you using a guideline or checklist? What is the first principle of success that you know? A mastermind is useful and very valuable, but not compulsory. Other than a mastermind, you can also work...
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    Personal Development Book Recommendations

    Vishen recently announced he got divorced, and it's causing quite a stir in his community since he promotes "mindfulness" and "bending reality," but he purportedly couldn't "save" his marriage. Hmm ... I've read his book too, and there are some great points that I try to apply into my life...
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    How to overcome the fear of public speaking?

    Fear of public speaking comes from thinking about your self image instead of the message you want to say. When we focus on our self image, it becomes a priority. What other people think about us, what other people say, and how they react to us, becomes more important and urgent than the message...
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    How to stop procrastinating once and for all?

    Hey DayProv, that's a good article you wrote. I've never heard about the rocking chair exercise from Tony Robbins, it sounds like a tool that can wake us up and stop procrastinating. I was looking into this issue a few weeks ago, and I realized that most of us procrastinate when we aren't...
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    How to stop caring what others think of me?

    Hey Duncan, you say that you feel everyone would think you're weird for deciding to be a life coach. When you say everyone, do you have specific people in mind? Who specifically do you predict would say you are weird for being a life coach? Can you describe the situation where they say it to...
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    Is it wrong to do too much work?

    Hi Leo, I think you don't need to see everything you do related to personal development as different things. I see them as vectors (directional energy) that all head towards the same direction. That's what's important. There is no conflict when you do multiple techniques to improve yourself. An...
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    When your ideas are not encouraged, what to do?

    The people who matter are the ones who will benefit from your idea, e.g your customers and stakeholders. The people near you aren't the same as the people who matter. There is a difference. The brain can trick us into believing that the people near us (friends, relatives, co-workers) are the...
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    What exactly is self discipline, and how do I make sure that I have it?

    I have an unpopular opinion that discipline isn't necessary, at all. With regards to your question, it's difficult to measure discipline because it's arbitrary. The case where I assume a uniform level of discipline is measured is in the army. Other than that, "discipline" can be anything you...