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  1. Elhama

    When you love Allah "God", He will love you back giving you an endless feeling of peace and contentment

    Allah “God” is not only found in mosques or other worship buildings. He is found everywhere. Love Him and you will be able to see Him in a child’s smile, in a beautiful flower, in the green trees, in the blue sea with the amazing creatures that live inside it and in the high mountains with their...
  2. Elhama

    Will power..How can we develop it?

    One of the beautiful sayings which resides in my mind is " Where there is a will there is a way." I believe that sayings is 100% true. I always look to the will power as rechargeable battery which may need to be recharged, especially after frustrating and disappointing situations. I think the...
  3. Elhama

    Hope .. Faith & Letting Go

    I was used to look at the stars in the sky. I like seeing them. That is not because they are forming a beautiful scene (although they sure are) but because I think that this is the way that Allah "God" tells us that hope is there always even in the darkest hours in our life as the stars always...