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  1. Mr. Yusuf

    You Shouldn't Have A Dream

    You heard me. Dreams are for the people who will never take action, who idealize instead of actualize. I have heard this sentiment again and again and again. I am sick of hearing about it and unlike all the other people on the web I will tell you why. Dreams by their very nature are elusive and...
  2. Mr. Yusuf

    What Are The Biggest Obstacles You Faced On Your Personal Development Journey?

    Their are so many problems that need to be overcome. As we fix and overcome one problem another just happens to crop up. Our goal of a problem less world just becomes harder and harder to reach the longer we go on this journey. I think what causes us to get started on the personal development...
  3. Mr. Yusuf

    What Happened When You Shared The Truth?

    All of you know more about personal development than your friends and family. I know that at one point you tried to give them advice. This thread is for those stories. What happened after you dropped the egg of truth on them. Did they understand? Did they object or accept? Did they act on your...
  4. Mr. Yusuf

    Positive thinking Is Bad

    You believe that positive thinking is good. Rarely do you hear about the man and women who are sick of hearing about it. I can't wait to expand your mind and show you why positive thinking is bad.