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  1. Jessi

    Grocery shopping - Write prices This is an interesting tip. Instead of crossing through items on your list when you're grocery shopping, they suggest writing the price down. Then you can...
  2. Jessi

    Broaden your horizons by reading random material Basically, we're more likely to seek content that we agree with. We like reading about things we already have something in common with. By doing so, though, we end up getting limited information. By...
  3. Jessi

    Defaulting to "nice" doesn't help you

    An example from the link below: Sometimes, it doesn't help you at all to be 'nice' or act that way immediately without thinking.
  4. Jessi

    How to more effectively delegate tasks Here's an excerpt: The explanation of why each step is important is listed at the link. Are you good at delegating?
  5. Jessi

    Make yourself memorable

    What memorable people do differently 1. They don’t just talk – they act 2. They force themselves to experiment with lots of different experiences 3. They do spontaneous, crazy, fun things 4. They care about others – and act to make a difference in their lives 5. They’re a person, not a resume...
  6. Jessi

    Focus more on being happy

    Moral of the story? Focus on the happy and you're more likely to do more things that make you even happier, too. It's a positive domino effect.
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    10 tips for self-improvement There's nothing earth-shattering there, but the tips are still solid. There's no reason not to brush up and remind yourself why you need to improve and where to start.
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    How to overcome laziness

    Here's an excerpt for you:
  9. Jessi

    25 things to do before you're 25

    And hey, if you're already over 25, do some of 'em anyway. I don't agree with all of them, but some are good, hehe.
  10. Jessi

    Don't focus TOO much on your goals

    Taken from this post over on The 99% by Christian Jarret on how focusing on your goals too much is actually counter productive. And that when you revel in the process you’re more likely to make it to the finishing line.
  11. Jessi

    20 small actions to improve your life

    Get rid of the snacks. Don’t keep them in your house or you’ll be more likely to eat them. Don’t buy convenience food. You’re likely to eat this when you’re too tired to cook. Instead, cook big batches of healthy food once a week. Have it in the fridge, ready to be heated up. Take healthy snacks...
  12. Jessi

    What are your "rules of life"?

    Here's a sample from someone else to get you started. What are your general "rules of life" or guidelines that you live your life by?
  13. Jessi

    Killing time vs filling every minute with productivity It's not very long, so go ahead, click, and skim. What do you think? Do we view it in the wrong way?
  14. Jessi

    Yoga chair/swing What do you think? Would you benefit from a yoga swing like this?
  15. Jessi

    Skip the ultra-tanning

    Overly photoshopped, no? I LOVE this. It's incredibly awesome that someone made a point to say "hey, this is photoshopped..." even though we all know it. This summer, when you're thinking about tanning and changing your skin color, think about all the negative things it can do and -why- you...
  16. Jessi

    30 things every woman should know/have before she's 30

    By 30, you should have: 1. A good, quiet vibrator and the know-how to use it. 2. Your Passport, for when that once-in-a-lifetime chance to run off to Paris comes up and you have to leave tomorrow. 3. A pocket knife. Did you know most of them have a corkscrew AND a bottle opener? 4. An idea of...
  17. Jessi

    Keeping up with the Joneses

    How guilty are you of comparing yourself to your neighbors, friends, parents, family, people on the street, etc? While it's natural to a certain extent, it can also lead to feeling greatly unfulfilled if you're not careful.
  18. Jessi

    Improve your credit score It's amazing how one little number can affect so many things, isn't it? If you've struggled with debt in the past, it can be really hard to get yourself dug out, too, but it's so worth it to become not only debt free, but financially independent...
  19. Jessi

    How to clean a yoga mat All too often, people forget to clean their mats. If you think about it, they can get really gross and carry all sorts of germs, so it's pretty important.
  20. Jessi

    What are your positive habits?

    We talk a lot about the things we want to improve. We discuss our bad habits, the things we need to cut back on, and things we want to change in general. But what are the -good- things you already do? What are your positive habits? It's important not to forget to praise ourselves for our good...