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  1. DJ Barrett

    Building stronger relationships

    I've set a goal for myself in 2015 to build stronger relationships. My classmates, my friends, my family, everybody! Because I know that relationships and business go hand in hand. And if I want a very successful business, I have to develop strong relationships with people. Any advice on how...
  2. DJ Barrett

    What is the end goal for everyone?

    So I just thought about this. There are many people who work for other businesses, and they HATE their jobs. And on the other hand... There are many people who run their own businesses and they LOVE their jobs. So what makes these two people different? I think the difference between them is...
  3. DJ Barrett

    Did you come to win at life or not to lose?

    Many of us have dis-empowering beliefs developed within us since childhood. And because people have developed belief systems like this at such a young age, not finishing what you start is one of many habits you fall back on when playing to not lose! And the sad truth is, people love to play...