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    I don't see the point in working hard at my day job

    A good reason to work hard (or at least work smart and effectively) is that many employers will want to talk to your last manager as part of a reference check process and ask about you. I've doing a lot of hiring as a manager, and that reference check can really make a difference if you're one...
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    Changing My Self Image

    This one is good: It helps to know that many people are feeling exactly the same way despite appearances, I didn't realize see that until later in life...
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    Breaking up

    You're welcome. The other thing that might help is when something is bothering you, probe and ask yourself if it's thoughts or is it emotions. They don't necessarily align, e.g. your mind knows he's not a good thing for you but your emotions run loose on it anyway. If it's emotions, rather...
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    Changing My Self Image

    That's no easy thing to solve, I'm still on that path myself. It helps some to refine "shy" as "an introvert" and learning to understand that is not negative thing. It can help to read one of the books out there on how introverts work. You can be "quiet" but not "shy" meaning, you're not afraid...
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    Breaking up

    Good for you! It sounds to me like you did the right thing, that behavior is not normal or acceptable. You're lucky to get out after just 8 months. I knew several people who discovered problems only after their marriage, and ended up with ugly divorces. Regarding hurting your self-esteem...
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    Do you guys know what this mean?

    It could mean a lot of things, and trying to guess is often a bad idea. It could be a momentary thought that has no real significance. And trying to find meaning is usually a bad idea and often we are wrong. Take these things as an opportunity. It's an opportunity to smile back and send a...
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    Family Issues

    I suppose you have to ask yourself if it's worth it just because of the family relationship, to some it apparently means very little. A good friend of mine's sister tricked their aging mother with dementia into writing him out of the will, and was slowly siphoning off her money. and spending it...
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    Family Issues

    Is she mad at you for the incident? Did you apologize for interfering? It's hard to know her state of mine based upon so little. I'd say let it go unless you think there is something you can say or do that is going to lead to a real talk. Or test the waters next time with some active...
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    Why is it that I can't figure anything out myself?

    It's a long shot but have you had your Thyroid levels checked? I believe you mentioned tiredness too in another post. Low Thyroid can cause tiredness and "brain fog" that is easily treatable with a daily pill This comes from personal experience with both symptoms and being discovered way too...
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    How to Ignite Sustainable Motivation (Updated with Links)

    Reminder to posters of the rules at especially regarding links. Please keep your links to the signature area, the majority of our members are following these rules and in fairness they have to be enforced for all. One reason is...
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    I'm curious - How do you overcome the fear of something new in your career or business?

    I agree Austin, thinking of fear as excitement has helped me before public speaking. It shifts your attitude about the physical reaction in a useful way. Not only does it help avoid the negative thinking, but you come across in a more positive way to others if you're thinking "this is...
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    Is it wrong to do too much work?

    I recommend you think of personal development as a life long journey and don't take on too many new concepts at once. Focus on just one or two that resonates with you for awhile. See if it works for you, and internalize it. Give it some time. Keep in mind that something that works great for...
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    How to Stay Focused on Your Goals

    Please keep links in the signature next time or it will be edited out, see
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    Looking for a financial expert

    Check out Best to listen to those who have a published proven track record.
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    How to increase working memory?

    It sounds like you're really well informed on things to try. Focusing on the breath during meditation sometimes helps me get started, however I find it actually distracting from deeper meditation. I often like to just try be in a pure awareness mode, both outside and inside. By inside I mean...
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    How to increase working memory?

    By chance have you checked your Thyroid TSH level? I had growing memory problems and other symptoms for so many years until a different doctor thought to test me. Going on Levothyroxine changed my life. I've helped several other people that had Thyroid issues and didn't know it until I advise...
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    I decided that flipping burgers sucks

    Nice that you have something better to go for. I had a buddy once that drove a garbage truck, said he loved the job because he was outside moving around and active. I lost track of him though, he later got a girlfriend and then said he had no time for a guy friend. I didn't get that, but to...
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    How to deal with workplace boredom

    I'm glad you are taking pride in it, I really believe one can find value and importance in any type of job. Can you talk more with your co-workers? I worked at fast food and a sandwich place earlier in life, and that was a part of it I enjoyed. You could also try to sometimes work on...
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    My Sources Of Understanding Myself

    Excellent post. I dove into Zen for awhile as well, as part of my exploration of Buddhism and the foundations of meditation and mindfulness. I prefer it over the other forms of Buddhism, although ultimately my beliefs and practices have been assembled from many different sources over time. I...
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    Hello! My name is SarBelle and I've just started a blog in an attempt to help people

    Welcome sarbelle. In future postings please restrict promoting your blog in the signature line per the forum rules, otherwise they are at risk of being removed or edited. Thanks!