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  1. VEM

    My Sources Of Understanding Myself

    [You must be your own light. This is what J Krishnamurti taught. People who are life coaches, people who call themselves spiritual teachers are no different than anyone else you encounter that shows you something that has made a positive impression in your life.] Taking the time to...
  2. VEM

    Understand the Mechanics to Understand the Problems

    I'm VEM and I invite you to visit my blog Anotherpath and possibly learn a new point of view that could help you in some form or fashion. I believe in the process of understanding the mechanics and dynamics that underlie our consciousness we can then begin to understand why we behave the way...
  3. VEM

    Mall Walking Therapy

    Lately I've been mall walking as a way to get a bit of exercise and get out of the house. Recently during one of my walks as I threaded my way through the crowds the thought came to me that mall walking can be a good way to battle impatience and anger flareups. Think about it. You have to...